40. Native American Indian. Just your average person who loves photos and food.
Night Lights Night Photography Relaxing
Taco Bell Taco Bell Live Más Random Shit
Dammit, I wanted breathe fire!! Vitaminwater Dragonfruit Refreshing
The Illusionist - 2014 EyeEm Awards Taekwondo Concentration
Road Trip On The Road Rain
My awesome chicken enchilada's getting ready to go in the oven. Food Porn Enchilada Mexican Food Ready To Eat!
Happy 4th Of July 2014🇺🇸 Fireworks Long Exposure
Fireworks Happy 4th Of July 2014🇺🇸 Long Exposure
Sparklers Fireworks Long Exposure Happy 4th Of July 2014🇺🇸
Got the grill fired up for some good cooking.. Grillin' Food Porn Boston Butts  Holiday
Birds Nature Taking Photos
Flag Industry Taking Photos American Flag
Delivery Coffee Golf Cart
Looking Down City My View
Very nice Pez collection PEZ Candy
Tequila Liquor Relax Time  Trying Something New
Willie Jewell's BBQ Food Porn
Pulled Over Police Bluelights they are out hot and heavy today. 3 cars pulled back to back to back.
Five Guys Restraunt Food Porn Hamburger Lunch Time!
Water Water Fountain Taking Photos My View Right Now
Food Porn Gyros Lunch Time!
Ramen Noodle Enjoying A Meal Kids my son enjoying his favorite food. Ramen Noodles!
Time to relax and play some Xbox. Relaxing Liquor Drinks Firefly
Walked right up on this deer today. Wild Life Deer
Beach Beach Photography
Tree Nature
Trees On The Road Nature
Relaxing Bon Fire Enjoying Life after a long day of yardwork, its time to relax. sometimes watching a fire is so soothing.
Taking Photos Guess What ...? Unedited take a guess of what this is...
Tatto Memories Tattoos Feather I post photos so many times and never express my feelings behind the photo, how I feel, whats going through my crazy head. I was asked today for the 1st time in a long time about the tattoo on my arm. so i explained it was in rememberance of my dad who died of cancer 8 years ago. That single moment brought back a lot of memories. So this one is for you dad. "Gone but....Not forgotten"
McDonald's Retro
Food Porn Pizza Pronto Pizza Pizza Time
Ocala, FL here I come... Road Trip Flordia Long Drive
McDonald's Food Porn Hamburger
Jeep Clean Auto Portrait Taking Photos
Monster Energy Doritos Snack Time! Food Porn
how am I supposed to get any work done today.... Internet Slow Killing Me
Socks Having Fun SkyZone Skyzone!
Yamaha Motorcycles Street Bikes Close Up
Motorcycles Yamaha Monochrome Street Bikes
Beach At Embassy Suites
Car Wash Soap Getting Clean
Hooters Cold Beer Beer Relaxing
Beach Beach Photography
Golf Relaxing
5 Guys Burger Food Porn
Eyes Eye Exam  Docotors getting my eyes checked...
my son has a tournament this weekend. Taekwondo Martial Arts