Chel Atuel


Love to take photos, And a journalist in our school 14 yrs-old Chinese Korean Filipino Italian (half's) IG: @chel_nvrmnd Fb: Chel Atuel
Water Waterdrops River Riverside Vacation Water_collection :D
Well well well ;) Enjoy Philippines Resort
Enjoy your Time Little Kiddo :) *photographer: Ritchel Grace Atuel 14yrs old from Philippines :)
And Tomorrow is my Day ♥_♥ Woooo! Im kewl (cool) Kid >_<
Negative Space :) Black And White ♥
It is a Moonlight ?
True perfect colour of beautiful nature Seaside Beachphotography Nature Colour Sunset Philippines
Him: Play with me! | Me: RUN! RUN! RUN! : this little kiddo enjoying playing in the water enjoying his happy life enjoying his freedom enjoying to play enjoying to be a little kid ; : ohh meet him my lil bro Leo :) Enjoying Life First Eyeem Photo