chanelle hadid


my life
pup, my girlfriend hates me and i want to die :)
love my job, kidding
mom is in syria now and i'm so sad
i'm dead
i hate when girls are scared of showing off their body 😡 she's so pretty but self-conscious and i wish i could make people feel different
AHHHH new lock screen because i can't handle this cuteness
happy father's day am i right
anotha dress my friends
hanna is at firefly without me and i'm so sad, but i can't wait until next year to go with her 😋😋😋🤑
baby got her tattoo, it was an emotional night for all of us :)))
so cute
my life is pretty good right now, i just need to not think about the little things that bother me. here's my beautiful girlfriend and brody throwing javelins at eachother
turns out that i'm getting a kitten instead of a dog!!!
i was contemplating on throwing myself in yesterday
good work mother
drove this big tank yesterday, love it even though i feel like a literal radish in it. i feel so small in it but it's badass
guys i'm looking for a puppy, please give me suggestions
hanna took this bc i looked "cute", hahahaha yeah okay
my beans
me after a literal day at work, my eyes are watering and red
this weekend was a felt like one big work shift. i worked for almost 16 hours yesterday, and my voice is literally gone so great
lmao why do i look like this when i'm sad, i hope i glo up
i cried in school today but didn't let anyone see, keeping the streak strong
the scar above my lip is never going to go away 😩😩
rinsta with a cute caption?
mean machine; this car is for sale (only $7400, 130,000 miles on it, very good condition) let me know if you're interested 😊
gotta have my bubble gum
new new :)
i love kids
love love love everywhere
cheesy peesy lemon squeezy
my fav boy
i need people to adventure with and do things with this summer, i repeat; new friends pls that are willing to have fun this summer
my eye looks black, i'm literally dark
i look sad
love compliments
going through some tough times and someone sent me this, i love knowing people are there for me at all times
i find myself driving alone at night most of the time because of work, i get too much into my feels
i like volunteering, makes me feel good
someone please
she lights up my day, brings a smile to my face, cures my hunger, relaxes me when needed, so many things. wifey material forrrrrrealllll
exhausted from everything
i just wantsssssss summmmmmmerrrr
we always make the same faces, don't people in a relationship always pick up things the other person does?? hanna uses my words sometimes and i make random noises she makes now 👀👀👀
i love showering