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i ❤️ my jamba girls
my boy
cropped dom out bc dylan and i would be a cute couple
finally wanna be aliveeee don't wanna die todayyy
so happy
we always find our way back in each other's lives
i miss missing you now and then
no strings attached
ur my yellow paint
p r o m
have u ever met somebody who is literally the same person as you
it's good reconnecting with old people❤️❤️❤️ how different would my life be rn if i chose him? would i know what heartbreak was? would i be the way i am? would i be doing better in school? would i be happier??? :/ i regret not giving it a chance
this boy bought all of these and then came into work to give me last night lol help
somebody be my sugar daddy please and fix my car :(((((
nobody wanna see us together but it don't matter nooo cuz i got you
i love rachel she's my person (kickboxing is deff our new thing)
why did i stop working out everyday ??? it was the only thing that made me sane lol
Here's a little appreciation post for Nico (even though he can't see this lmao). He's literally my best friend and idk what is do without him. He is always 100% of the time there to listen to me cry and hug me and give me advice. i repeat myself 90% of the time about my ex and he listens still each time and is patient. Everytime i'm lonely i know i have him to call and talk to and have him cheer me up. Honest to god if i didn't have him idk if i'd be alive rn. He puts a smile on my face everyday and makes each day a little more bearable. Thanks Nico i love you
lmao it's like God likes fucking with me
i don't wanna be with anyone else
here's another selfie
i'm pretty content with my life and even though i have no boy giving me attention i'm still content being alone for once
why do i still think it's gonna end up being you and me
train emoji
everyone i love cheats on me and cares about someone else more than me but it's cool
these are all the same from my finsta lols
fake it until you make it
omg my girl crush is killing life i want to be her
they're nice to me
not meant to be
from xmas
last one sorry love y'all