Catriona Donagh (Gladly Beyond)


I am an Australian living in Paris, and each day I try to make the most of what a photographic treat this city is. And my iPhone is with me always...
Queen of all she surveys
Quite the little lady
The leap
The watcher
Snow in La Palisse, 24 Feb
A rose is a rose is a rose
The walk
Surf school, Byron Bay, Australia, January 4
Australian idols - Byron bay, NSW
The gathering
The map of thoughts
Lengthening shadows/Paris/iPhone 4S
The watcher. iPhone 4S
See and be seen - Taormina, Sicily, iPhone 4S
Pan - o - ra - ma
Lomora in Hong Kong #1
Indian silk
Gin and tonic. iPhone 4S
Sky, sea at Paris Sky Sea
Au cinéma in Paris Au Cinéma
Slivers of a city at Paris Slivers Of A City
A little kid in the big city. iPhone 4S at Sydney A Little Kid In The Big City. IPhone 4S
Cloud containment. iPhone 4S at Sydney Cloud Containment. IPhone 4S
The twins. IPhone 4S at Sydney The Twins. IPhone 4S
Nucleus of a sunset. iPhone 4S at Paris Nucleus Of A Sunset. IPhone 4S
Night bikes. iPhone 4S at Paris Night Bikes. IPhone 4S
Molten. iPhone 4S at Lanzarote, Canary Islands Molten. IPhone 4S
Paris goes to sleep. iPhone 4S in Paris Paris Goes To Sleep. IPhone 4S
The bird and the volcano at Canary Islands The Bird And The Volcano
Once, when I was in the sky... iPhone 4S at Canary Islands Once When I Was In The Sky... IPhone 4S
Chilled. iPhone 4S Chilled. IPhone 4S
Out of order. iPhone 4S at Paris Out Of Order. IPhone 4S
Hand. iPhone 4S in Paris Hand. IPhone 4S
Trio. iPhone 4S at Paris Trio. IPhone 4S
Evening Walkers. IPhone 4S
Ovalescence. IPhone 4S
A Crane In The Rain. IPhone 4S. Olloclip Fisheye
Uncertain. IPhone 4S. Paris
Into The Realm Of Never. IPhone 4
The Edge Of Reality
...almost Wasn't There. IPhone 4
The intruders. iPhone 4, Olloclip fisheye, iPad
The followers. iPhone 4
A tiny day ends in tiny Paris. iPhone 4
The enigma. Paris, La Defense, iPhone 4