American Midwest, nurse, wife and mother. Learning photography.(wildcathrn on Tadaa)(mustangcath on IG)
Word of the day- Pluviophile; a lover of rain;someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Happy Valentines Day eye emers and Tadaa family!
My dream...... Here is what I dream of and can't wait until I can get back to that sun and warmth, that salt water and the power of those waves to push me around until I can conquer them again.. now if I only had a horse to ride on the beach! Yeah I don't ask for too much.. just horses, sunshine, beaches, oceans all you guys with me riding together, oh and with our dogs and cats, might as well have a big house on the beach we can hitch up the horses and go sit a spell. Have a cup o tea or coffee or lemonade, yeah it's hot and sunny so maybe lemonade would be just right...anyway that's all!! Not asking much right? Who's with me?
I'm not too fond of cold weather and don't get out much once it sets in so instead of complaining I'm just gonna post pics from warmer days!! Maybe it'll warm your hearts and souls.💐
Here's Marco a couple years later. He's a funny guy and we love him too much, but it's all good!! Our little Bichon Mo always puts him in his place.
Well I was looking for something pretty I could send you guys. Here it is, the lake and sky yesterday. Here in the Midwest to my old tadaa friends, my eye em friends and just plain friends.. Love you guys. Nature Tranquility Sky Lake Cold Temperature Outdoors Landscape Feeling Thankful
I planted one seed and have a kazillion Shasta daisies taking over my back yard. And I love them! Tadaa Friends Flowers Tadaa Community Nature_collection
To my friends because I was blessed to find this butterfly and I was blessed to find you!
I kept thinking I needed an amazing photo to bring back after all this time but apparently that's just not gonna happen and so I just really miss my friends so I'm posting this! From WayBackPointfest
I am late but I hope you all had an awesome Mother's Day! This was the funniest looking duck with a couple babies.
Today we had so many on and off storms there were rainbows all day.
Spring in Missouri 2016
The lake on a nice sunny day. Foristell, Missouri
I don't have a clue what these are but aren't they pretty!!
Our state tree the flowering dogwood, we had lots of them too. And they are still in bloom. Everyone has been getting pictures of pink dogwood. I've been searching but can't find any. Maybe soon.
The red tree in my front yard. Spring 2016 Missouri
Hello to you all! Been missing you a bunch so I thought I would jump in and see how everyone is doing. Right now things are very good here. Trying to remember what normal life was and make this second chance even better! Love
The Adventure Handbook Welcome to Telluride, Colorado
The Moment - 2015 EyeEm Awards
My son lives on this lake. He kept seeing a white heron and took me out chasing it for photos. But it was so scared I felt bad for it. This is the closest we got. (This is a blue heron sorry.. Lol) Happy Wednesday EyeEm and Tadaa family and friends!
Chasing herons and reflections... Wish you all a beautiful week..🙋😘❤️
Flowers today. Still trying to give you all a decent photo and I'm just not very happy with anything. Will just keep trying.💐 I need to be more grateful for what I can do
Another from my rose bush!🌹
A limb of blossoms hanging down. I couldn't get this focused but there's still something about it I like. Do you?
The ducks at the park.. Duckspotting actually these are geese.😂😁
High school graduation of my beautiful grandaughter and here is my son and her mom. Taking Pictures Taking Photos Of People Taking Photos
My irises for you dear friends.💞
Horses eyes hold many secrets, they look as if there is so much wisdom there.
Leaves and light
Please say hello to my little monster boy Mo! A Dogs Life
I feel the need to post something even if it's not great. Sorry I just don't have any very good photos lately. So just to prove I'm here and care I'm posting anything.😂😘❤️
Those mountains I love. ❤️ Colorado The Rockies
These paws... For Glo. This is Marco's paws, he's a little like is lion HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST PAW Catitude
My first rose this year! Roses Flowers Flowerporn For you, my friends...
Iris, with a little bug in it, I just now noticed.
My Marco, he stands like a champion cause he is one!! I Love My Dog Dogs Of EyeEm Tadaa Friends
Waiting for the sun to set. Soaking It All In Tadaa Community Throughmyeyes
The dogwood, state flower of Missouri
Happy Mother's Day and to everyone else have a lovely weekend.
It's been spring time in Missouri. And here's what I saw. They wouldn't let me tag more people but you all know I love ya! OpenEdit
Tonight's early snowy sunset by iphone camera. Next time I'll try to have my camera. Thank you all my dear eye em and Tadaa friends. Finding you all here has been so comforting and the way we are so much more a real family than any other places..I just adore you guys.?
Today is too cold (15*)so I just shot some of the birds in the yard. Here's a little female cardinal. Strange she didn't fly away when I walked close. Pretty little thing though isn't she. EyeEm Birds Wildlife & Nature Birds ? OpenEdit
We also got to see a pretty big bull elk with all his girls deep in the woods. What a great day! Tadaa Community Wildlife & Nature The Great Outdoors
I made a friend. Canada geese at Lone Elk Park, Valley Park, Mo.
Here they come!! Yesterday at the park there were hundreds of Canadian geese!
They see water, they jump in water, nothing can stop them! The crazy water lovin' dogs...Marco (beagle mix) and Mr. Mo the second (Bishon Freise) Dogs Of EyeEm The Great Outdoors I Love My Dogs ?
I love owls. At least, today I do. This is a common barn owl that we see pretty often in the Midwest. They make the weirdest screeching noise. But they have heart shape heads if you look closely you can see. And those huge beautiful eye balls!! Awe
When you miss so many people on eye em you can always just post a picture and say Hi guys I missed you!! ??❤️ Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends
“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha Feeling Thankful Tadaa Community
Just dropping by for a quick hello and to show I'm still here. Getting better every day. Thank you for the prayers. See you all more often pretty soon. Autumn Fall In Missouri Tadaa Friends
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