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I'm an unrepentant old cat lady & I still love tadaa.
My dearest old friend in the world, Lindsay, has suffered the loss of two of her fur family this last winter. Murmuring Mikey enjoyed his last years being loved and fussed over daily, showered with such affection he'd not before known. He went over the rainbow bridge peacefully & full of love. Rest well, lovely sweet Mikey 😽🌷😽 Domestic Cat Pets Feline Portrait Whisker Close-up No People Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaakitties Tadaa Family Pocket_family Tadaafriends Friends
What they did while I was in my sickbed! The mischief-making miscreants brought home the Easter Bunny, putting all of the children in our neighborhood in tears! I said to them, says I: "You naughty kitties take that bunny right back where you found her, all the kids are boo-hooing, can't you hear them, even way up here?!? And furthermore, you scurrilous little boogers, you'd better help her hide all the eggs, and then you'd best help the little ones find them or no treats for you! And Marco & Hank, just you wait til I tell your mothers, you two at least, should've had some sense!" (So they're waiting for the elevator now...) Animal Themes Easter Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadda Community Pocket_family Kitty World Tour Domestic Animals Ilovemycat Friends Friendship Smile
I couldn't believe my eyes & ears when I got this photo text with a call from my friend today. I picked up the phone to hear the most unladylike shouting – "Gloria" says Betty, using my full front name, which is always a sign of trouble, "that naughty cat has gone too far this time! Mel and his scurrilous gang of scruffians are roaring all over my deck in tanks threatening to shoot out my picture window! There will be H-E-double hockey sticks to pay for this outrage, I'm calling the pawthorities!" In a foolish bid to spread the blame a bit, I says "well Betty, maybe you shouldn't have ordered 300 pounds of kitty treats over the phone right in front of my little grey menace when you were at my house yesterday." Emboldened by a mother's love & desire to excuse her wayward kitty's unfortunate & pawposterous fauxpaw, I further blurts "you know what big ears he has, and that he's constantly plotting I mean kexting, (kitty texting) on his iPet with his co-conspirators, I mean charming little pals." Oh gosh, I hadn't known a good woman like Betty could cuss like that, & I really can't repeat the blue blitz. Though I must say, I was quite relieved when I noticed that Emma & Tucker were in the picture, so I amiably interrupted her indelicate volley by gently but pointedly asking "I suppose that you'll be putting your own precious Chihuahuas in the hoosegow too? I mean, since they must have let the rest of the little brigands in the gate to begin with." (Innocent as a kitten emphasizing "the REST of") Well, suddenly there's a huge BOOM, CRASH; I hear her phone hit the floor and Betty hollering "you furry little pirates have you got any idea how much that window cost, and you'd better get all your paws off'n those treats right now, AND I want all of your mama's phone and credit card numbers this minute do you HEAR me?" Needless to say, Mel is grounded for the umpteenth time. Does anyone know of a good kitty reform school? Maybe we could get a group rate... No People Tadaafriends Tadaa Family Pocket_family Tadaa Community Tadda Community Tadaa Friends Tadaa Friendship Kitty Tadaakitties Looking At Camera Kitty World Tour Ilovemycat Cat Cats Cat Lovers Cat♡ Caturday Cats Of EyeEm Friends Domestic Cat Pets
Before I gave these little quilties to the homeless kids shelter, I laid them out for this photo. It's one of those times that I ran smack into the wall of my own inability. You know, when you have to face something you already know about yourself but haven't dwelt on for good reasons. I looked at these 16 or 17 tiny bits of care, and was amazed that it took me from Sept to Dec 14th to finish them - with plenty of help from my friend Kathie, bless her kind soul. Rarely do I submit to feeling sorry for what I can't do anymore, but I admit that I felt slightly pitiful that this was all I could do for those kids, given such a great length of time, and that I could've done them in a day, before. After thinking about the matter, I believe I'll start making them in early summer for next Christmas. And I'm going to use 8" instead of of 4" & 5" squares! By golly they'll still be cute. Multi Colored No People Indoors  Friends Pocketphotography Tadaa Community Tadda Community Tadaa Friends Tadaa Friendship Tadaa Family Tadaafriends Pocket_family Quilt Craft Sewing
Oh hellooooo there how you dooo-ing? Just thought I'd 'drop in' to let y'all know how much Mama misses her peeps, by which peeps I do mean you. Yes you. You, you, YOU there! And I have orders to give out some smackers which I best hop to quick like a bunny before blood rushes to my head & I faint... and Mama said I'd better "kiss em good & plenty so's they STAY kissed," so pucker up peeps, here come my number 1 super duper very best kitty kisses ... mwah 😽💋 mwah 💋 😽💋 MWAH 💋😽💋😽❣ (Ok Mama, now can I wipe this lipstick off? Yes I did too kiss every single one Mama, don't believe that ole Mel, he's just horrible jealous.) Tadaa Community Friends Tadaa Cats Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Friends Tadda Community Cat Cat♡ Animal Themes One Animal Domestic Animals Friendship Pocketphotography Pets Domestic Cat Goodnight
What would I give for a birthday present to of one of my most most favorite people in the whole world, but this beauteous puppy? If I could send him by magic transporter, Tucker would be in your arms right now, dear Noe. I saw him in the produce dept & completely forgot my manners, rushing up to blurt out "oh my stars, can I kiss your puppy?" Well what can a guy say but yes to an old lady sitting on wheels? Of course every other lady of indeterminate years immediately followed suit soon as I broke the smooching ice, and that delightful & delighted mini-pooch commenced to kissing back every old lady that by now had him completely surrounded. What a little doll, so friendly and absolutely un-afraid of the crowd of his admirers. A special puppy for a very special person. Love you to itty bits, Noeleen Doyle, thank you for being my friend. I hope you have had the happiest day today! 😽💚😘💚😽 (Tucker is pug/chihuahua/spaniel; either a "Chugger" or "Pugihua") Portrait Pets Dog Friends Tadaa Birthday Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Tadda Community Tadaa Family Pocketphotography Domestic Animals Puppy Dogs Dog Love Dog❤ Dogs Of EyeEm Friendship
Just to say hello, how was your day of giving thanks? This is the walker parking for when I had dinner with my friend Gail. Mine was just fetched from the slot near the other end... I'm really grateful for Gail, who took care of me for years after my accident, who saw me at my lowest ebb. She's now in assisted living due to Parkinson's. I love her so much, and spend every Thanksgiving with her. Gail is an angel on this earth, I tell you. She wouldn't know how to be bad. My cats love her too. Mode Of Transport Indoors  Tadaafriends Tadaa Family Friends Tadaa Tadda Community Tadaa Friends Low Angle View Tadaa Community Indoors  Pocketphotography Pocket_family Walk This Way Transportation
Mel knows how I feel. Hello friends, I've been especially missing you. I will be sure to drop a line from the Arctic Circle now and then, where you'll soon find me & every other disabled American senior citizen floating on icebergs. You can write me in care of the Postmaster General, North Pole. Kitty kisses ❣️😽😽❣️😘 LoLooking At Camera oPortrait nAnimal Body Part lClose-up oLow Angle View nIndoors  rFriends aTadaa Friends aTadaa Family aTadaa Community aTadaa aTadaabestshot aTadda Community aTadaakitties oSoftness oSoft oSoft Focus oSoft Light lIlovemycat aCat aCats aCat Lovers ePets aTadaafriends iKitty
This I made for my 89-year-old friend Delfina, who gets cold playing mahjong while sitting at the computers downstairs. She saw the one that I'd just made for my friend Gail, immediately shoved $20 in my hand and attempted to take permanent possession of it. I managed to get it back using google translate, but well, what could I do but stay downstairs until 11:30pm that night, making this one just for Delfina. Like I would say NO to anyone 89 years young and such a lovely person. She really loves it, and the $20 will buy batting for some of the children's Christmas quilts! Hope you are all well and happy my dear dear friends. Have a cookie 🍪 I just made them and boy howdy they're good. Multi Colored Pattern No People Indoors  Tadaa Community Cat Kitty Pets Quilt Sewing Craft Tadaa Friends Tadaafriends Tadaa Tadaa Family Pocketphotography Pocket_family Pocket_colors Pocketgraphy Friends Friendship
Mel's taken up painting again, since I have been neglecting him terribly (his opinion) ... I bit off more than I can chew, and am in a dither these days. I forget sometimes that I can't do what I used to do so easily. I decided to make 15 to 20 little "comfort" quilts that have to be done well before Christmas in order to get them to the kids that will receive them. I have cut out hundreds of squares, and, well, it is just such a big project for me, that I'm slightly terrified about completing it in time. No People Close-up Tadaafriends Cat Tadaa At Home Cats Pets Kitty Tadaa Family Home Is Where The Cat Is Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Caturday Ilovemycat Pocketphotography Pocket_family Pocket_colors Painting Painterly Watercolor Tadaakitties Looking At Camera
Now how cute is this? Pearle has a lovely lacquered privacy screen in front of her powder room. I don't know where Lindsay found it, but it is purrty cool. My boys would flatten it in a second, but Queen Pearle of Fairhaven appreciates fine furnishings! No People Tadaafriends Cats Kitty Ilovemycat Cat Lovers Bestfriend Tadaa Pets Domestic Animals Cat Tadaa Family Pocket_family Home Is Where The Cat Is Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Cats Of EyeEm Domestic Cat Tadaakitties Tadda Community At Home
Are we done playing Yoda yet, Mama? Don't you have to go sew quilties with the other old ladies? Ok, one more minute and then some Greenies treats for me? Cat One Animal Tadaa Pets Animal Head  Tadaa Family Animal Themes Home Is Where The Cat Is Close-up Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Domestic Cat Feline Pocket_family Cats Of EyeEm No People Ilovemycat Kitty Cat Lovers Bestfriend Tadaafriends Cats Animal Eye Whiskers Domestic Animals
BomBi's furrst day with me. He still hasn't stopped talking. Happy Caturday everyone. Pets Domestic Animals Animal Themes One Animal Domestic Cat Cat Mammal Whisker Feline Close-up Looking At Camera Alertness Front View Animal Head  Zoology Curiosity Animal Eye Whiskers Kitten Tadaa Community Tadaa Family Tadaa Home Is Where The Cat Is Caturday Tadaa Friends
I'm app crazy. Eleanor, I bet you have this one? We all used to do fun challenges, what happened to that? I challenge anyone to make graffiti out of their photo. C'mon you know you want to.... Graffiti Art Art And Craft Creativity Wall - Building Feature Street Art Building Exterior No People Tadaa Family Tadaa Ilovemycat Tadaa Friendly Cats Tadaa Community Kitty Cat♡ Cats Of EyeEm Pocket_family
Sweet Queen Pearle of Fairhaven wishes you a serene Sunday, dear friends. Since a good thing does bear repeating: thank you thank you; my life changed ever so much for the better from the moment I found Tadaa & all of you lovely folk. I'm always grateful and so happy. Even when I'm not online anywhere, you're all fondly in my thoughts. 😽❣😘❣😽 Domestic Cat Pets Cat Looking At Camera Portrait Feline Cat Lovers Ilovemycat Cats Of EyeEm Home Is Where The Cat Is Cats Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaa Friendly Tadaakitties Tadaa Family Pocketphotography Pocket_family Bestfriend Kitty Caturday Cat♡
Wake up wake up wake up, Mama. It is 5am, aren't you awake yet? I will stop putting my paw in your mouth if you feed me... Domestic Cat Cat Feline Close-up Looking At Camera Focus On Foreground No People Pets Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Tadaafriends Tadaa Tadaakitties Tadaabestshot Tadda Community Pocket_family Domestic Animals Pocketphotography Home Is Where The Cat Is Cats Cats Of EyeEm Ilovemycat Cat Lovers Bestfriend At Home
I guessed what this is only because of the environment I saw it in. Where it came from, who made it, & about when, I knew at a glance. I'm wondering what you see. Answer me these: 1. What country made it? 2. What culture does it represent? (I didn't know this answer.) 3. When is it from? 4. What is it? No People Just Smile  Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaafriends Tadaa Friends Pocket_tadaa Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Tadda Community Museum Visit Tadaa Edit Tadaabestshot Tadaamasking Ceramics Ceramic Ceramic Art Check This Out
Pickles made easy. All you need are a few cucumbers, 3 pans (no need to match) 3 burners, kosher or pickling salt, some garlic, dill if you like, old newspapers and vinegar. Quart jars best, sterilize in oven. Wash cukes then put all in jars w garlic & dill if you like. Bring pan of hot water to boil, then pour into 1 or 2 packed jars. After 2 minutes pour out h2o from 1 jar & pour in boiling brine. Use tongs to pick up ring & lid from their boiling h2o, wipe jar rim dry & screw on firmly. Set it on newspaper or a cookie rack. Then do 2nd jar samely. Repeat, you'll be done in no time at all. Doing 7 to 10 qts is quite manageable for me. Sit down to pack the jars, get someone else to sterilize jars in oven & set up for you. Don't waterbath the filled jars, just let them cool, inch or two apart. Don't fuss with them at all for 24 hours at least. It is good to remove the rings, wipe the salty brine off everything, & dry them before screwing them back on, not tight. Now wait & watch, you're gonna love them. Who wants my recipe? Pocket_colorsplash Colorsplash Tadaa Pocket_family Tadda Community Pocket_family Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaabestshot Tadaa Family Tadaa Edit Tadaamasking Pocket_tadaa Home Is Where The Art Is Home Sweet Home Just Smile  Home Canning Food Mouthwatering Tadaafriends Traditional Pickle
Yoda kitty Just Smile  Edit Junkie Tadaafriends Tadaa Family Pocket_tadaa Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Tadaa Pocket_family Tadda Community Tadaa Pocket_family Pets Of Eyeem Pocket_pets Portrait Pet Photography  Cats Cat Ilovemycat Blackandwhite Colorsplash Bnw Black And White Home Is Where The Cat Is Pocket_colorsplash Pocket_bnw
I wish I could make a jar of my pickles magically appear in your pantry. Canning season again, so I spent 5.5 hours yesterday putting up 6 quarts and 2 pints. Where I used to do hundreds, now I'm truly happy when I can do one or two batches like this. Well, I can't take all the credit. My elder brother Mark went out to my favorite farm in the county, picked up my box, peeled 3/4's of the garlic, washed the cukes for me, made the brine to my recipe, boiled the lids, heated the water to warm the stuffed jars; not to mention that he sterilized the jars in the oven for me first.😁 What part did I do, you may ask... Well. I sat there and recleaned every single cuke before packing, because he's a man & I don't like dirt or plant matter in my pickles! I also put the garlic & dill in to my liking, and packed all 8 jars. Mark wouldn't let me pour the hot brine, but I made sure he left correct head space, & I did manage to pour the last two when he wasn't looking. So I may be more of a pickle director, but these pickles are still exactly the way I made them 40 years ago. Puckering yet? They are delicious I tell you! Michelle dear, this jar is just for you. I thought about you so much while doing these. About ways to cut a task down to size so that we may still do it. About accepting, about finding inspiration in others. The fact that I didn't do this on my own doesn't matter at all - it wouldn't have been possible without me just as it wouldn't have been possible without Markie. Much love and pickles to you, dear❣ Friends Pocket_family Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaa Pocket_family Tadda Community Pocket_tadaa Pocketphotography Tadaabestshot Tadaa Family Tadaafriends Just Smile  Edit Junkie Pickle Traditional Canning Food Mouthwatering Friendship Home Home Sweet Home Home Is Where The Art Is
Prince Bunky of Fairhaven, the sweetest and smartest Border Terrier ever. (And they are all smart as a whip!) Pets Of Eyeem Just Smile  Dog Dogs Border Terrier Domestic Animals Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaa Pocket_family Pocketphotography Pocket_family Pocket_pets Portrait Tadaa Family Pocket_tadaa Ilovemydog Pet Photography  Bestfriend Best Dog Ever Friends
Sweet dreams are made of hiss... A hiss to build a dream on... 😽😽❣ goodnight ❣ 😽😽 Friends Cats Of EyeEm Tadaafriends Cats Tadaa Kitties Pet Photography  Tadaa Community Tadda Community Ilovemycat Tadaa Family Portrait Domestic Animals Pocket_pets Pocket_tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaa Pocket_family Just Smile  Pets Of Eyeem Cat Lovers Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaakitties Goodnight Mybaby
Who is this wicked Ramsbootypuss that has fussed poor innocents Fleur and Mel so? Emma Gongju👑 demands to know, she'll fix her fluffy little red wagon... 😈😼🙀 Cat Lovers Ilovemycat Cats Of EyeEm Tadaafriends Pocket_tadaa Cats Pet Photography  Tadaa Family Tadaakitties Pocket_pets Tadaa Tadaa Friends Pocket_family Pets Of Eyeem Just Smile  Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Community Cat Portrait Tadaabestshot Tadaa Kitties Tadda Community Pocket_colors Friends Domestic Animals
Hiding from the ebil Ramsbootypuss. Black And White Blackandwhite Black & White Portrait Cat Tadaa Community Tadaa Pocket_family Just Smile  Pets Of Eyeem Pocket_family Tadaa Friends Tadaa Pocket_pets Tadaakitties Tadaa Family Pet Photography  Cats Pocket_tadaa Tadaafriends Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Edit Tadaamasking Ilovemycat Cat Lovers Domestic Animals
Little old woman in shawl. Cats Of EyeEm Tadaafriends Pocket_tadaa Tadda Community Cats Tadaa Kitties Pet Photography  Tadaa Family Tadaakitties Pocket_pets Tadaabestshot Tadaa Tadaa Friends Pocket_family Just Smile  Pets Of Eyeem Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Community Cat Black & White Blackandwhite Black And White Portrait Pocketgraphy
Gather 'round while I read a bedtime story- I've got so much free time since Mama cur-tailed my driving privileges. (Get it, Hankie, CUR-tailed just kidding LOL😽) As an unfortunate result of one minor fauxpaw, I got roped into Mama's endless do-goodery, ugh! She's making me read fairytails (fairy-TAILs😹) to the kittens in our neighborhood as part of some silly catmmunity service she's purr-essed me into doing after I scared the wits out of ole Miss Ramsbooty in Carbury last month. If she doesn't like the way I drive, silly prune should've stayed off the sidewalk, don't you think? Although BomBi says she can't be all that dried up because Miss RB bounced purrty well & truly good... Anyhoo, resuming my elocution about one sharp dressed kitty name of Pete... or maybe I skip to the end of his TAIL. (oh I kill myself sometimes... 😹) The moral is just this: "No matter what you step in, keep walking along and singing your song... because it's all good." Sounds like a good excuse for me to start my fancy shoe collection - I do have 4 feet to keep clean... Now don't tell Mama, y'hear? Oh, and where you think she could've hidden my credit cards? Pets Of Eyeem Tadaa Edit Tadaamasking Pocket_pets Tadaakitties Pet Photography  Tadaa Kitties Cats Tadaa Community Tadaa Pocket_family Pocket_family Tadaa Friends Tadaa Just Smile  Tadaa Family Tadaabestshot Cats Of EyeEm Pocket_tadaa Tadaafriends Tadda Community
Mama loves you! Me too! 😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽😽 Tadaafriends Pocket_tadaa Tadda Community Pocketgraphy Tadaa Family Tadaa Friendly Pocket_colors Tadaabestshot Tadaa Tadaa Friends Pocket_family Just Smile  Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Community Pocketphotography Cat Cats Of EyeEm Cats Tadaa Kitties Pet Photography  Tadaakitties Pocket_pets Tadaamasking Tadaa Edit Pets Of Eyeem
Look what I did! My first tomatoes are appearing, hooray! Can't wait til they ripen. A bunny or birds got every single one of my strawberries, but I will try again next year. Here come the kitty kisses, Mwah! Mwah! 😽😽😽 Pocket_family Tadaa Friendly Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Tomato Garden Green Green Color Tadaa Tadaabestshot Tadaa Family Pocketphotography Pocket_colors Tadaa Pocket_family Pocket_tadaa Just Smile  Sunday Tadda Community Tadaafriends Pocketgraphy
Late afternoon sun in the garden. I get to enjoy the efforts of others, since some of the other old folks here would rather grow flowers than veggies. Happy Sunday to you, my dears. Pocket_tadaa Tadaa Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Family Just Smile  Pocketphotography Garden Flowers Flower Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community Tadaa Friendly Pocket_family Pocket_colors
Can I have this one, Mel? Tadaa Friends Pocketgraphy Pocket_family Tadaa Community Tadaafriends Tadaa Pocket_tadaa Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Family Just Smile  Edit Junkie Pocketphotography Tadda Community Snapseed Toys Tadaakitties Cat Cats Ilovemycat Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Kitties Cat Lovers Pocket_pets Pet Photography
Are you relaxing or a busy bee today? Both for me. Resting til bingo at 2pm. I'm the caller and I made oatmeal cookies last night for the group. Maybe they won't notice that I put the cinnamon and vanilla in twice... Edit Edit Junkie Pocket_family Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Family Tadaa Friends Tadaa Tadaa Community Pocketphotography Pocket_tadaa Macro Friends Just Smile  Tadaafriends Filter Pocketgraphy Flowers Bee Pocket_allnature
This was overexposed and ruined by Mel. You also can see his whisker across the caddy. But playing with Snapseed and Filter apps produced this pleasing to me, result. Don't know why I like it, but I do. Probably just the pink caddy. Enjoy your Sunday Pocketgraphy Tadaa Friendly Tadaafriends Tadaabestshot Just Smile  Friends Pocket_tadaa Pocketphotography Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaa Family Tadaa Pocket_family Pocket_family Toys Tadda Community Edit Junkie Edit
Emma the Magnificent says hello to Auntie Emma! Pocket_family Tadaa Kitties Tadaa Family Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Friends Tadaa Tadaa Community Pocketphotography Pocket_pets Pocket_tadaa Tadaakitties Cats Of EyeEm Cats Pet Photography  Cat Lovers Friends Just Smile  Tadaabestshot Tadaafriends Tadaa Friendly Pocketgraphy Domestic Animals Home Ilovemycat Cat
Oh oh Brick! Come quickly, your pink caddy is on the brink of certain disaster! A giant furry tail is about to sweep it right over the cliff, gahhhh! We need Snaggles to the rescue PDQ! Trying to hold steady, but that long tail is too darn powerful, helllllppppp! Ilovemycat Just Smile  Friends Cat Lovers Pet Photography  Cats Cats Of EyeEm Pocket_tadaa Pocket_pets Tadaakitties Pocketphotography Pocket_colors Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Family Tadaa Kitties Tadaa Edit Tadaamasking Pocket_family Pocketgraphy Caddy SnagglesRock Toys
TADAA EDIT, ANYONE? Do you ever use your Tadaa app these days? Why don't you share with us a photo that just screams Tadaa Edit ? Heck, you're all probably too busy, it being summer already. Anyhow, here's a little tadaa nostalgia for you! 😽😘😽 Tadaa Family Pocket_family Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaabestshot Tadda Community Tadaa Friendly Tadaakitties Pocket_pets Pocketphotography Pocket_tadaa Pocket_colors Cat Cats Pets Of Eyeem Just Smile  Friends Cat Lovers Pet Photography  Cats Of EyeEm Cute Pets Ilovemycat
Hello! Can you all see me? Good, here's my peeper report: Mama's eye is holding it's own. Retina still in place, and the spots won't get any worse as long as nothing moves or tears in there. While it would be better not to have black holes in your seeing, Mama says it would be much worse to only have one eye to peep through. She looks like a pirate, with that one eye being squinty-like all the time. Mel says she needs a skull & crossbones eye patch, hee hee. Melvin and I will continue to help her take pictures, so get ready for kitty selfies! And some old pictures too... Mwah! 😽😽😽😽😽😽😽 Pet Photography  Sunday Smile Cute Pets Friends Ilovemycat Tadaakitties Tadaa Domestic Cat Cats Of EyeEm Pets Corner Tadaa Community Tadda Community Cat Lovers Catsofinstagram Tadaa Friends Pocket_family Tadaa Family Just Smile  Pets Of Eyeem Pocketphotography Pocket_pets Cats Cat Tadaabestshot
Come quick Mama, BomBi's fallen and can't get up! Well, he's rolling around in the shower like a goonie bird anyhow. ... Ok BomBi, get up it's your turn to make a report on the maternal peepers! Silly kitty. Tadaa Family Pets Of Eyeem Cats Pocket_family Tadaa Friends Catsofinstagram Cat Lovers Tadda Community Tadaa Community Cats Of EyeEm Pets Corner Tadaa Tadaakitties Ilovemycat Friends Domestic Cat Cute Pets Smile Sunday Pet Photography
I'm taking a break from my bed making chore to make a quick report on Mama's peepers. She's having a wee bit of trouble seeing well enough to focus & edit her pictures. I know I'm a big help, but I don't read well enough to help her with her comments/replies. I do dandy dictation with Siri though! Sheis getting ready for her two eye doctor appts today, so please think good thinks on Mama. Mwah! Cat Lovers Pets Corner Cute Pets Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaakitties Tadaa Family Ilovemycat Cats Of EyeEm Tadda Community Pocket_family Pets Of Eyeem Catsofinstagram Cat Cats Domestic Cat
Whee! Our entire moggie goggie Kitty Tour gang gathered from every corner of the globe to celebrate Auntie Michelle's big birthday. They came to Ireland by air, land and sea. By eagle, goose and swan. By parachute, hot air balloon, canoe and rubber ducky. What a sight, flying & swimming kitties! And don't you just know, some arrived in super swell cars, since my brother Mel has been busily giving free driving & lock picking lessons! By golly this will be the surprisingest surprise pawty of the year. I just hope it doesn't turn into a faux paw, since nearly every one of these delinquent desperadoes really really wants to take a turn at the wheel of Myago Neko's red 65 Mustang, especially Hankie Pankie. Gosh, isn't it enough that he already screamed 150 KPH through the center of Carbury? Yes he did so do that, right after peeling out & laying 10 feet of rubber smack in front of the Post Office after popping a wheelie right in front of a shreiking Miss Ramsbotham, the big show off. (Hank, not Miss R..., she up & fainted.) Hank should lay low a bit, but that ole Mel is egging him on something fierce about a drag race against Brick's Delorean! Sigh... Oh say ... is that the birthday girl coming over the hill now? (Get it Auntie, over the hill?) Welcome to your pawty and don't worry, those pawfficers won't be back... says Mel... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, we love you! .... Oops, cheese it, it's the long paw of the law! Tadaa Friends Cat Lovers Tadaa Community Tadaa Cats Of EyeEm Kitty World Tour Ilovemycat Tadaakitties Tadaabestshot Tadda Community Tadaa Family Catsofinstagram Catsoftheworld Cute Pets Pets Corner Pocket_family Pets Of Eyeem
Dear Auntie Noe, I just mailed Mama's newest quiltette pad addressed to "Miss Fleur, c/o Pawstmaster General, Ireland" - they should know where to deliver it, as all of our tadaa kitty photos conveniently hang in the post offices of many countries already, and I bet that pawthorities of nearly every govt stripe have made inquiries at your door already, concerning our uh, kitty tour activities, ahem. Surely the Pawstmaster will deliver it safely and sweetly, as I'm certain that Miss Fleur's beauty and fame have made her a legend nearly equal to Miss Little Moe or Grace O'Malley.... (Well, so maybe they'd be afraid NOT to deliver it...) Many kisses for all, Nephew Mel. PS Don't tell Mama about that quiltette, what quiltie pillow? Cat Friends Pets Of Eyeem Animals Cats Kitty Tadaakitties Pocket_family Tadaa Family Tadaabestshot Smile Tadaa Community Pets Corner Just Smile  Catsofinstagram Tadaa Tadaa Friends Cat Lovers Ilovemycat Cats Of EyeEm Sewing Quilt Quilting
Boy Howdy y'all look funny, being upside-downy like that! Mama says to give out plenty of kitty kisses, so consider yourselves smacked, mwah! 😽 Mwah! 😽 Mmmmwaaahhhh! 😽😽😽! Pets Of Eyeem Animals Pets Tadaa Family Smile Pets Corner Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Cute Pets Pet Photography  Friends Pocket_family Sunday Cat Cats Kitty Tadaakitties Catsofinstagram Cats Of EyeEm Cat Lovers Domestic Cat Ilovemycat Just Smile  Tadaabestshot
I'm so bored since Mama is no fun, that i've taken up my painting again. How do you like this one of my cousin Bunky? He is a real pistol and can run about as fast as BomBi, and that is close to lightning. We can't put them in a real race, because Bunky might forget himself once he saw a cat running... Just saying... He is a border terrier after all. I painted this for Mama because she loves him so much. Although , when she comes back from Auntie Lindsay's, she's all "Bunky this Bunky that, isn't he adorable" as if he is all that and a bag of chips besides. Hmmm, maybe I should put it in the Goodwill bin. Sunday Pocketgraphy Pocket_family Friends Cute Pets Tadaa Friends Tadaa Tadaa Community Smile Pet Photography  Pets Corner Tadaa Family Pets Animals Dog Pets Of Eyeem Dogs Dog Love Dog❤ Dogs Of EyeEm Dogstagram Dogslife Doglover Border Terrier Pet Photography
That's it, BomBi, put some glare in a stare at the back of her head, and surely she will give us treats soon.... Oh hello Mama what you do, feel like snackies yet? Domestic Cat Animals Cats Pets Kitty Tadaakitties Tadaa Family Pets Corner Pet Photography  Smile Catsofinstagram Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Cats Of EyeEm Cute Pets Cat Lovers Ilovemycat Cat Friends Pets Of Eyeem Pocket_family Pocketgraphy Caturday
Oh oh, Mama is looking Auntie Betty, so quick, take the picture and pay us our meowdeling fee in kitty treats. We can keep that part just between us, no need to bore Mama Superior with unnecessary details... um ah also... you can give me BomBi's share too, um, I will keep them safe... for BomBi I mean. Yeah... Pocket_family Cat Friends Pets Of Eyeem Domestic Cat Animals Cats Pets Kitty Tadaakitties Tadaa Family Pets Corner Smile Catsofinstagram Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Just Smile  Cats Of EyeEm Cute Pets Cat Lovers Ilovemycat Pet Photography
Good morning. No, you may not have Mama. She is mine. You see what I do to pictures on the wall that talk back to me.... Actually I rough them up good when I want a snack. Mama will give me one because she doesn't want it to land on her head. You don't want to mess with Mel. Uh oh, must go, she's calling me 'Melvin'. Just Smile  Catsofinstagram Friends Animals Smile Cats Of EyeEm Kitty Cats Tadaakitties Cat Ilovemycat Domestic Cat Cat Lovers Cute Pets Tadaa Friends Tadaa Tadaa Community Tadaa Family Pets Corner Pets Of Eyeem Pets Pocketgraphy Pocket_family
Takes talent. Good morning all. Cats Of EyeEm Kitty Cats Tadaakitties Cat Ilovemycat Domestic Cat Cat Lovers Cute Pets Tadaa Friends Tadaa Tadaa Community Tadaa Family Pet Photography  Pets Corner Pets Of Eyeem Pets Portrait
Hurry BomBi, take the picture so's I can get back in bed with Mama! (Mel has been really funny lately, staying in bed with me day and night. I can't tell whether he knows I'm not feeling my best or if he just wants to be near me, but either way, he's being very sweet for such a naughty kitty. Forgive me for sparse replies, I'm thinking of you all so sincerely.) Pets Of Eyeem Tadaa Family Pets Corner Pet Photography  Portrait Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Cute Pets Cat Lovers Domestic Cat Ilovemycat Cat Tadaakitties Cats Kitty Cats Of EyeEm Caturday
Nurse Xanadu here, reporting on my patient Glo. We are currently in a wait & see mode concerning a detaching retina. It's been 10 days since onset and we're holding steady. If we can get through another month without symptoms worsening, I think we'll be OK except for the floating shapes blocking vision in that eye. (What some people will do to get out of posting a photo every day! Meanwhile, I've given the boys strict orders to post a few pics and give my patient lots of kitty kisses!) Cat Lovers Smile Cute Pets Dog Dog Love Sheltie Nurse Service Animals Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaa Family Ilovemydog Portrait Pets Pets Of Eyeem Pet Photography  Pets Corner
Don't forget to put new batteries in your mother's tv remote. Or take her to lunch. You don't want to be cooking for someone 50 times your better at it.... anyway, be good to your mama. Cat Friends Tadaakitties Cats Of EyeEm Animals Cats Kitty Tadaa Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Catsofinstagram Just Smile  Smile Ilovemycat Cute Pets Cat Lovers Domestic Cat Mother Mothers Day
Look what Mama made, but you can see it later since I decided I'd best test it before she can photograph it. You know, just in case it's faulty or something. Cat Friends Tadaa Family Cats Of EyeEm Tadaakitties Animals Cats Kitty Tadaa Friends Smile Catsofinstagram Tadaa Tadaa Community Cute Pets Ilovemycat Cat Lovers Just Smile  May
Oh look, it's a rare Green-eyed Silver-sided Peach-bellied kitmunk. Mellow Monday to all. And kitty kisses, of course. 😽😽 Smile Friendship Friends Tadaa Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Cat Lovers Kitty Cute Pets Animals Ilovemycat Cats Of EyeEm Just Smile  Catsofinstagram Tadaa Family Tadaa Tadaakitties Cats Cat Monday Kitmunk
My elder brother helped me plant my 1st garden since 1998, when my life changed. (It's lower left.) We put in tomatoes, herbs, and peas. That is sort of a royal 'We', since Mark did most of the digging while I wore the nice warm garden gloves on this cold beauteous Pacific Northwest day. I can't tell you how exciting it is to be doing something that I haven't been able to do for 18 years. My half of the bed is about 3'x5', but it is so much bigger in my mind. The message is never give up on yourself, keep smiling, and do whatever work it takes. Count every success and celebrate each one. This is definitely a day for party hats. I might even have half of a fancy local brewery beer. Happy Sunday dear ones. Oh, and never feel sorry for yourself, it's a kiss of death to progress. Old lady lessons in life over. 😽😽 Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaabestshot Tadaa Friendly Ilovemybrother Sunday Hope Garden Garden Photography Gardening Friends Friendship Smile
Playing footsie. Happy Caturday to all. Kitty kisses all round! Cat Tadaa Cats Pets Corner Tadaa Community Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Friends Ilovemycat Animals Kitty Cute Pets Cat Lovers Caturday
How 'd you like to wake up every morning with a cat in your face? My chest is still Mel's favorite place to sleep and since he's no little kitten anymore, I wake from dreams about not being able to breathe. But will Lord Tubbington sleep NEXT to me? Nope. Have a good weekend, all. Hope springs eternal, and so does love. Kitty kisses all around 😽😽❣ Ilovemycat Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Pocket_bnw Pocketgraphy Pocket_family Tadaa Tadaakitties Tadaa Family Cats Cat Cats Of EyeEm Pets Corner Bnw Blackandwhite
Thread! He's got to have it! Cat Tadaa Friends Tadaa Kitties Tadaa Kitty Pets Corner Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Community Pocket_family Tadaa Family Catsofinstagram Pocket_tadaa Ilovemycat Cat Lovers Pocketgraphy Just Smile  Cute Pets Animals Cats
I'm hoppy if you're hoppy. Pocket_family Tadaa Family Pets Corner Tadaa Ilovemycat Cat Lovers Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Community Tadaakitties Cat Catsofinstagram Easter Tadaa Friends Pocket_tadaa Kitty Tadaa Kitties Bunny
What's hoppening? Tadaa Friends Easter Tadaa Community Catsofinstagram Cat Tadaakitties Cats Of EyeEm Cat Lovers Ilovemycat Tadaa Pets Corner Tadaa Family Pocket_family
Kind of an odd Easter. For the 1st time we are alone and I'm surprised at how it feels. Hoppy Easter to everyone. Save us some snacks. Tadaa Kitties Kitty Just Smile  Pets Corner Tadaa Family Ilovemycat Cats Of EyeEm Cat Lovers Tadaakitties Pocketgraphy Pocket_tadaa Tadaa Catsofinstagram Pocket_family Tadaa Community Cat Easter Tadaa Friends
Remember this one in which the kitties "borrowed" a school bus in aid of tossing and egg hunt for the local kittens and puppies? And then spent the day driving up and down our 2-block main drag hanging out the windows hooting hissing and howling – all the while tossing treats, catnip, dog bones, and mousie toys out the windows? (Oh yes they did!) And when pulled over by the Bellingham Pawlice, instead of being tossed in the paddy wagon the now derilect pawfficers hopped on the bus and joined our precocious pawty! This was the only occasion that I'm aware of in which Mel actually got the long paw of law in trouble with him... but boy howdy the youngun's had a swell time, who cares about an egg hunt? As usual, they were all released under my recognizance, including the not-so-arresting pawfficers. Let's hope they do better this year! Tadaa Friends Caturday Cat Tadaa Community Pocket_family Catsofinstagram Tadaa Pocket_tadaa Pocketgraphy Tadaakitties Cat Lovers Cats Of EyeEm Ilovemycat Tadaa Family Pets Corner Just Smile  Kitty Kitty World Tour Dogs Of EyeEm Tadaa Kitties
Lazy Caturday Just Smile  Pets Corner Tadaa Family Cats Of EyeEm Cat Lovers Ilovemycat Tadaakitties Pocketgraphy Pocket_tadaa Tadaa Catsofinstagram Tadaa Community Pocket_family Cat Caturday Tadaa Friends
Paws together now. Have a restful Caturday dear friends. Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community Pocket_family Catsofinstagram Pastel Power Tadaa Pocket_tadaa Pocketgraphy Tadaakitties Ilovemycat Cat Lovers Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Family Pets Corner Just Smile
It's every night. "Meow, ow, neow" peeps BomBi right next to my bed until I wake up to give him his 3am snackie. Sometimes I have to play laser light too, so now it hangs right next to me. And I thought Mel was the main trouble maker! Tadaa Tadaa Friends Pocket_family Tadaa Community Ilovemycat Tadaakitties Tadaabestshot Pocketgraphy Pocket_colorsplash Colorsplash Blackandwhite Cats Of EyeEm Catsofinstagram Cat Lovers
Mama play it again! "We are Siamese If You Don't Please" - oh I love that one! Saturdaysong_eyeemchallenge Siamese_Cat_Song Just Smile  Just For Fun Disney Lady And The Tramp Cartoon Anime Tadaa Community Tadaakitties Pocket_family Ilovemycat Tadaa Friends Tadaa
These rascals were born March 11, 2011 and when they came to live with me, eased the deep sorrow in my heart. They're so precious to me, even if Mel causes trouble 23 out of every 24 hours a day. I hope they bring you you smiles too, my friends. I miss you all! 😽😘😽 Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community Pocket_family Pocketgraphy Cat Pets Corner Animals Tadaa Tadaa Family Cats Of EyeEm Catsofinstagram Cat Lovers Kitty Cats Ilovemycat Cute Pets
Be coming in for a landing soon. Had stormy weather, visibility improving. Love you all. Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Pocket_family Pocket_beaches Pocketgraphy Clouds And Sky Cloudporn Clouds Pacific Northwest  Bellingham, Washington Water
In a child's eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe. (N.K.Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms) My mother, who was a well & true force of nature, would have been 93 today. Since she shared her birthday with the groundhog, she always sent me outside to find one of the furry little earthmovers & ask him if he'd seen his shadow. I didn't get out of bed today so I just asked BomBi instead, who was so disgusted that I'd awakened him that he remained mute on the matter. So perhaps you can tell me if there will be 6 more weeks of winter? Cat Friends Tadaa Community Animals Tadaa Tadaa Friends Cats Pets Corner Pocket_family Catsofinstagram Cat Lovers Cats Of EyeEm
Martha goes for a little walk. She's just gorgeous with or without her fur. Kinda pulling off the Senior Scrappy look, if you know what I mean. (Famous IG kitty) Cat Animals Kitty Tadaa Friends Tadaa Family Pets Corner Tadaa Community Tadaa Cat Lovers Cats Of EyeEm Cats Tadaakitties Ilovemycat Friends Pocket_family Friendship Tadaa Pocket_family
Hello friends, I'm plugging along, but our poor Martha has lost her warm & lovely plumage. Still, she's happy that her matted fur is gone, so she can move easier. Poor senior kitizen has a hard time cleaning herself these days. Lots of love makes up for it. Animals Friends Cats Tadaa Friends Tadaakitties Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Pets Corner Cat Lovers Cats Of EyeEm Cute Pets Tadaa Pocket_family Animal Cat Pocket_family Kitty Tadaa
Box seating on Friday movie night. Double bill - the original 60's classic 'That Darn Cat' followed by the 50's classic, 'Rhubarb' - what is your favorite kitty movie, furriends? Friends Animals Cats Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community Tadaakitties Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Family Cats Of EyeEm Pets Corner Cat Lovers Friday
Sleeps like a kitten, looks like an angel. Naughty as any ten kitties could be. Mel visciously, persistently attacked my tie-tie blanket so that I had to take it apart to stop his digging & chewing to get inside it. Had to get up at 3:30am, put it in a cupboard that he cannot open. Luckily I have several quilts. Now he enjoys sleeping between the two newly separated blankies. Little boogerpuss. But so cute. Tadaa Community Pocket_family Pets Corner Cat Tadaa Friends Cute Pets Cats Of EyeEm Catsofinstagram Friends Animals Cats Tadaa Family Animal Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaakitties
I just have to tell you about this. Pearle Louse is a sweet senior kitizen and the apple of mama @FidleDD's eye. One day a few years ago, Pearle seemed to want something when Lindsay was talking with a friend, so Lindsay paused a moment and asked Pearle what did she want? And that sweet precious blind kitty walked right over to her mama, stood up on her back legs and extended her arms towards the sky to be picked up. All she wanted was a cuddle and a kiss, & has done it ever since. She's doing it right here, while we were talking last week. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life, and I said so, plus "it looks like she did it on purpose", whereupon Lindsay said that Pearle had indeed, and told me the story. I swear I nearly swooned when I saw her do this it was so adorable. Tadaa Community Pocket_family Tadaa Friends Cat Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Family Catsofinstagram Friends Cute Pets Pets Corner
Tag, you are "IT" - won't you play with me? I promise I'll really count to ten and I won't peak how much is ten Mama? Friendship Animals Cat Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaakitties Cute Pets Tadaa Community Pets Corner Tadaa Friends Pastel Power Tadaa
"Well it's all over but the refunds for silly gifts" says Henry, who received a baker's dozen of catnip mousies from my Mel, who also volunteered to take them off his paws. Sweet little BomBi reminded his boogerpuss brother that doing good should not be about the doer - rather, it is about the doee. So an unrepentant but slightly sheepish Melvin Aloicios Tormé is now on his way to the Feed & Seed to exchange them all for a tennis ball & doggie treats. Hope everyone is full & happy today. Love you all and miss you so. Dogs Of EyeEm Animal Pocket_family Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Pets Corner Cute Pets Tadaa Pocket_family Cats Of EyeEm Kitty World Tour Tadaakitties Cat Animals Friendship MerryChristmas
Bunky is a good boy. The very best. Until he sees a Rottweiler - then he loses his mind - "I can take him, let me at him!" Says sweet little 14 pound Bunky. Cute Pets Border Terrier Pets Corner Tadaa Pocket_family Tadaa Friends Tadaa Tadaa Community Tadaa Family Pocket_family Animal Ilovemydog Dogs Of EyeEm
Mama? What are you doing out of bed what do you mean how did I get out into the hallway when really you should be resting Mama. Me oh I was just on my way to go borrow some nice salmon cupcakes from Auntie Kathie in 513 for you don't you think you'd feel better if you ate a little something Mama? Ok I go in home now very sorry Mama. Cat Lovers Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Tadaa Tadaa Friends Tadaakitties Catsofinstagram Kitty Tadaa Pocket_family Cats Of EyeEm Ilovemycat Cats Cat Pets Corner Cute Pets
I'm taking extra purrsonal care of Mama. Her fever is down and now she's checking my tempurrature, just in case I caught a flu bug. If I caught one I would just kill it with one swat, so there, bug! You know, I kind of like it when Mama has to be in our bed all day. I sleep better. Just sayin. 😽😽 Kitty kisses for all😽😽 Tadaa Community Tadda Community Tadaakitties Cute Pets Pocket_family Pets Corner Cat Cats Tadaa Friends Tadaa Family Animals Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Pocket_family Ilovemycat Tadaa Kitty Catsofinstagram Cat Lovers Animal
Miss Mary the Meownificent. (Yes it is so a word, Melvin, Mama said so...) Tadaa Ilovemycat Tadaa Pocket_family Cats Of EyeEm Animals Tadda Community Tadaa Community Tadaa Family Tadaa Friends Cats Pets Corner Cat Tadaakitties Pocket_family Cute Pets
Since it is my week of postings, here's a purrtrait of my brother BomBi, & got to go take care of Mama now. PS, my eyes are as pretty as his aren't they? xoxo, Melvin The Good Kitty... Cute Pets Tadaakitties Pets Corner Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Pocket_family Cat Lovers Tadaa Family Cats Tadda Community Catsofinstagram Kitty Cat Animals Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Pocket_family Ilovemycat Tadaa
I hope you will all be able to see me, Aunties & Uncles. We can't seem to post a picture on EE, as it keeps crashing when we try. Mama is not well, but more antibiotics & prednisone seem to be helping. Meanwhile, I will try to post a photo or two with my iPaw. Hope you're all having a nice December, we're thinking of you all. Mama, I won't stop staring at you til you take all your pills. Swallow! 😽😽😽😽😽😽😽 Tadda Community Cat Kitty Cats Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Pocket_family Pets Corner Cat Lovers Tadaakitties Cute Pets
Hah, I showed him, Auntie Noe... I say BomBi, is that bald little Zorro booger still running? Cats Of EyeEm Animals Tadaakitties Ilovemycat Cat Lovers Pets Corner Pocket_family Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Cats Kitty Catsofinstagram Cute Pets Tadda Community Tadaa Family Cat
Whaaaat is that awful hairy thing in a fetching orange sweater doing with my mama?!? Oh I don't like this, I don't like it at all! Tadaa Family Animal Cute Pets Tadda Community Cat Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Tadaa Pets Corner Cat Lovers Cats Ilovemycat Tadaakitties Kitty Animals Pocket_family Cats Of EyeEm Catsofinstagram Tadaa Pocket_family
Hello. I am Zorro the Magnificent. Can I get in your car? Pocket_family Pets Corner Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community Cat Tadda Community Tadaa Ilovemydog Animals Cute Pets Animal Tadaa Family
Flip side of Hatter's Tadaa Kitties pillow. The squares aren't purrfectly lined up on either side, but BomBi & Mel don't mind at all. Art And Craft Tadaa Family Ilovemycat Kitty Cat Tadaa Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Tadaakitties Pets Corner Cats Cat Lovers Pocket_family Tadda Community
Only took 6 months, but I finished my "Mad Hatter" pillow. Jill, isn't his birdie hat just adorable? Oh, Rum is upper left, along with Murmuring Mikey at upper right, and I pretend that the bottom right corner kitty is Kim's Pippi, even if it stretches the resemblance a wee bit. Anyway, I tried to pick squares that looked like our Tadaa kitties, & had lots of fun making this for my boys. They both love sleeping on it. Do you think it was the catnip I rubbed all over it? 😺😸💞😘 Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Community Tadaa Kitties Tadaa Friends Cat Lovers Cats Animals Tadaa Ilovemycat Tadaa Family Cat Kitty Art And Craft
I see those eyelids twitching. It is in your best interests to wake up and feed me neow. Don't make me pull your hair, Mama! Cat Animals Cats Tadaa Kitties Tadaa Community Tadaa Pocket_family Pets Corner Tadaa Friends Cat Lovers Tadaa Family Cats Of EyeEm Catsofinstagram
What am I thankful for, besides you? These guys. Ilovemycat Cats Of EyeEm Catsofinstagram Cat Lovers Animal Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Tadaakitties Animals Cute Pets Tadaa Friends Friendship Cat Cats Pets Corner Kitty Tadaa Tadaa Kitties Tadaa Pocket_family
But the sewing machine would be in my way if you put it right here. I don't like it. Not one bit. Tadaa Community Tadaakitties Tadaa Friends Tadaa Family Cute Pets Pets Corner Kitty Animal Cat Lovers Cats Of EyeEm Ilovemycat Catsofinstagram
Good morning everyone. Flu all gone, feeling pretty strong now. Mel is having his morning mash Mama session, when he squishes me into mush before going up behind my head for his morning hair pulling session. Every time I fall asleep, he yanks my hair again to remind me to give him a few more kibbles. Cats Animals Cat Cats Of EyeEm Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Pets Corner Cat Lovers Tadaakitties Tadaa Family Tadaa Cute Pets Animal Kitty Bestfriend Ilovemycat Friendship Catsofinstagram
Our thoughts are with you. JesuisParis Paris Friends Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community Friend Friendship Cats Of EyeEm Portrait Cat Animals Cats
Melvin might be naughty 364 days of the year, but he knows when to be nice. He jumped to attention when he spotted Sgt Reynolds, immediately volunteering to assist the fine gentleman with grocery shopping. Of course, not a half hour later, there I was on my knees begging the kitty pawlice not to take him away - he'd put $587 worth of kitty treats and one beer - on Sgt Reynolds gold card. Unauthorized pawdulent purchases, they said. Looks like I'll be volunteering down at the VFW for a few months, making pot holders for their big Spring Rummage Sale. What's a mama to do, you just gotta love the naughty right out of him. Veteransday Tadaa Community Tadaa Family Tadaa Friends EyeEm Best Edits Tadaakitties Cats Portrait Of America EyeEmBestEdits Cat Lovers Pets Corner Animals Portrait Cats Of EyeEm Cat Cute Pets
Went the day well? We died and never knew, But, well or ill, Freedom, we died for you. - Quoted from Graham Greene. (Thank you to those who served, especially those who gave all 🌹🙏🏼💞) Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Tadaa Family Nature Nature On Your Doorstep Nature_collection EyeEm Nature Lover Veteransday
Bet you thought this graced the walls of the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. Well heck, that one's an unfinished version. Way back in 1851 you see, German American artist Emaneul Leutze actually presented this, the only completed canvas, to BomBi & Mel's grandmother 328 times removed - and it has been passed down through the feline side of my family ever since, along with many tales (tails?) of that storied occasion. Mel loves to recount them, bragging something just awful about how Gramps 324 times removed faithfully and fearlessly led the General's troops through a dangerous ice field even as darkness fell all around. According to Great Grampa Mel 324 times removed, it was a three dog night, so along came their canine friends to combat the icy cold - kitties still can't count worth a hoot unless we're talking treats... then they're as good as Price Waterhouse Inc! @hankanon @hawkeyedoyle @awe @ben121ben @PippiLove @stilljill @Myago4 @HowAboutStephan @Bente @Sperand Cats Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends EyeEm Best Edits EyeEmBestEdits Painterly Tadaakitties Kitty World Tour Portrait Of America
Looking for ghosts or counting bats, BomBi? Halloween_Collection Halloween Horrors Horror Halloween Tadaa Friends Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Tadaakitties Cats Cat Lovers
You just can't hide Pearle's radiant beauty. Halloween_Collection Halloween Horrors Horror Halloween Tadaa Friends Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Tadaakitties Cats Animals
Boo? Been so ill I lose track of what day it is. So I will post my kitty Halloween pix anyhoo! Anyboo? 😽👻😽😈😽💀😽👺😽 Halloween_Collection Halloween Horrors Halloween Horror Tadaa Friends Tadaa Family Tadaa Community Tadaakitties Pets Corner Animals
As you see, still not well. Second round of Levaquin & prednisone pills. Thank you friends, for the well wishings. Avoiding hospital so far, so I don't have to leave my kitties alone. Love you. 😽😽😘 Tadaa Community Tadaa Family Tadaa Friends Having Fun Halloween Horror Halloween Horrors Halloween_Collection
Excuse the messy bun, I'm really sick right now. Got my flu shot too late and came down with a terrible virus or something not 8 hrs later. Curious if anyone has seen this - but it started with suddenly I had a raging fiery throat, as if flipping a switch - at 11:10pm it was not there, and at 11:12pm my throat was on fire. Not long after, my upper lungs became very painful and I had trouble during the night sleeping because of that and even breathing was very painful. I could hear/feel, goopiness in the bronchial area. By morning I coughed up just a little goo and thought I'd die it hurt so much, and made my ears ring and also somewhat hurty. Today I feel awful, will take 2nd dose of daily AB, levofloxacin substituted for Levaquin. Anyone seeing this in their seniors yet? I'm just lucky to escape the hospital so far, I really really really hate going there. They saved my life but killed my mother. Anyway, Mel is purring on top of me in his usual spot. Will he lie next to me like a good kitty? No, he has to squash Mama. Tadaa Friends Tadaa Community Tadaa Family Tadaakitties
Fall in the Pacific Northwest - mostly evergreen for us, with nature's colorsplash here & there! When I was young, the old growth forests that once went the the shores of the bay were still within living memory. Massive cedar, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, & spruce once covered all of the Pacific Northwest. At various "prairie sites" along the shore, one might find hardy oaks, big leaf maple, and contorted shore pines. In my mind's eye, I can vividly see those old growth forests because I spent my youth keenly listening to tales of pioneer days. I'm only one and two generations of my family away from those times. My elders talked about 'stump' or 'rock farms' because the trees were so large, and even dynamite couldn't blast out the huge stumps. They simply planted around them, and around boulders left by the glaciers. Everyone used dynamite, you'd just go buy some at the hardware store and blast away. Yet Mother Nature had the final say until these monster machines came to defeat Her. But if you drive around town, you'll to this very day see giant boulders too large to move, sitting smack in people's yards, as if they meant to landscape their yards just so. Just plant flowers around them, lovely! We even have a city park full of big ole rocks - and sculptures. Oooh, maybe I can get someone to take me, haven't been there in decades. Tadaa Community Pacific Northwest  Tadaa Friends Bellingham, Washington EyeEm Nature Lover Nature Nature On Your Doorstep EyeEm Best Shots Nature_collection Clouds And Sky