Cătălin Codreanu


Sales&MK, but photographer and traveler. I cook, but not because I'm hungry. Sometimes I write. (from Bucharest, Romania)
The Human Condition Littel Niece : let me show you where Fairy is hiding!
What's For Dinner? Pennette Primavera with Brie Sauce
Peace & Equilibrio, with Love, the Wooden House @ Zetea, Harghita in Romania
Hollidays Cocking
Food Selfie
Pennette Primavera for a Winther Day Dinner
Autumn Colors at Valeadoftanei in Romania
Latedinner: Meat, Salad and Mushrooms
Autumn Colors in s lost Park. Forgotten Leaves, forgotten Bench.
Sunset at Porto Roxa Beach Zakynthos
Orange and Surprise Cheesecake
Cialde con Gelato, Kaki et espresso Caramella
Crostini et Caprese (Italy... Amore e Cucinare )
Translation: The World is so Cruel that even Socks cannot find their maching Pair!
I'm a little bit Drunk, I see Dog Chilling Out drinking a Beer.
Warm Salad, Spinach + Pear + Brusselsprout
Crepe with Chocolate & Cookies spread, banana and Cumin spice
The Coffee Upside Down/ 1 milion Answer now.//
Future in a Silver  Coffee Cup ...
Turkishcoffee at Mednight or Silver  Lines
Soon... Winter, Black And White
Hors D'oeuvres and Cheese for Diner
Let's take a Ticket from the Trainstation to the Sunset and just Leave!
What Does Freedom Mean To You? Valeadorului Sinaia Snowsun
Horse Simplelife in Talea, Romania
Landscape Red Clouds And Sky
Now what? Tough whits Girls ( or Babies )!
Spiderweb keep the Dandelion Motionless
RePicture Learning Wall of Knowledge Books
What Does Freedom Mean To You? Spring Bee Flowers
Textures And Surfaces Ploaiesivise Rain & Dreams
Discover Your City Bucharest Night Lights
What Does Music Look Like To You? Beatles Redwine Vynils
Fog and stone on Transfagaraşan, Carpathians Mountains
Euro&Asia Salad
The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge Stone Road Stepbystep First Eyeem Photo