dreamer, thinker and magical creature.
Playing with Watercolor Painting
Painting Art engulf 30x40 acrylic on canvas
Fish Art Art Painting blue fish acrylic
chop chop
morning ride
this kid is one of my favorites to photograph Lifestylephotography
the way things change Self Portrait
stardust 30x40 acrylic on canvas Art Painting
baby sneak peek
what i'm working on Drawing Art
original available at Art Painting Bubbles Floating
fire in the water (acrylic on canvas)
that green tho
playing around with color and water. lots of water. Art Painting
went a little poofy with my hairs today. i think im nervous about meeting new clients.
my kitty has a hurt paw. last time it healed on it's own so im hoping that happens again. Cats
dewdrop symphony Painting Art Floating Bubble
Must I always bike against 20mph winds?! I'm thinking about the ride home when that wind will push me. It's worth it. Bikingadventures
its green monster time, folks
its been that kind of afternoon
today in Kansas. too bad you can't see the blowing gusts of snow but trust me, its nasty.
come on rain. I don't see you outside yet...
a parking spot just for you.
trying to make this day better with my blue sassy pants and these new hairline from @modcloth
supposed to be buying sibling gifts...looking for himself instead. oy.
first ones out. love that!
first book I've read in a long while