Sean Kaplinski


When the eyes are hidden the smile speaks for the soul.
Beautiful clouds; sometimes thrift shopping nets no things but we become richer anyhow.
Georgian Bay from the Bluewater Dunes.
The corn field next door. First Eyeem Photo
What needs to be said?
Sending Imma birthday wishes... Nokia 1020; auto settings, no edits.
dreamofwires at dusk on Barrie's lakeshore. Nokia 1020, auto settings. Edited on device.
My lovely wife and her swimming partner.
Moose Beach. Taken with the Nokia 1020; HDR filter run on the device.
Mint grows everywhere here!
She loves this place.
Over the shoulder out the driver side window.
Just a random picture.
A table boat on an island of maple leaves.
How many times can that smile break my heart?
My Season, my Country, my Queen.
The swans of Collingwood
Its a bitch.
On the fence.
Dangerous curves.
The service industry. Isn't.
Blooming lilacs.
This mourning.
Ah. Spring drive.
Trilliums...thank goodness they have bloomed in their multitudes.
Such an amazing walk through here.