Carissa Lynne


Live each day as though it were your last, and soak up every moment 😎✌️💋
Experimenting with cake deco and practicing gum paste flowers 😊
Plating desserts in a busy kitchen
What a sunset
Let's taste some French macaron !
The walkway over the Hudson
Reverse chocolate chip cookies Cia
Chocolate mouse diplomat cake with lady fingers and chocolate shaving mnm yum at the CIA
Enjoying my time here at the CIA, culinary institute of America, Hyde park campus ny
In a few weeks I'm going to miss this.
Just a little ice
After the blizzard
Day after the Blizzard
Catherine's farewell sunflower painting is finally done :)
I love this candle and what a perfect night to light it :)
A picture i found in my album from last year its not something you see often snow and flowers lol i couldnt resist taking the shot :)
An old ink painting of mine that i found Old Treasures
butterfly bush
Welcome to the world Trey!! :)
Searching for a wave
Nice beach day
Someone's going to the chapel :D
My poodle hair
Out on a jog, I feel so small ...
RePicture Wealth
Sunset Silhouettes
Found this lovely thing on my car while I was washing it ... Damn nature you scary
Someone doesn't want me to leave ... :(
Flying by
Found this Cute little guy while hiking
Remembering my long hair ?
Beautiful Hummingbird moth ??
Whistle why you work ????
Hello Dolly ???
Found this pic from this years firefly music festival ?✌️⛺️
A slice of the big apple ??✌️
Beautiful sunset from the highway ?✌️? First Eyeem Photo