Love with every breath you take. I'm Arizona raised, country strong, and university educated. All photos are from my own lense.
decide what you like then go after it
Some of my favorite things. Mydog Reading English Bulldog
I fucking hate that my mind tells me that I'm ugly and unwanted. Ugly Worthless EatingDisorder Fat
I've never been pretty, I've just average and getting by. That's Me Taking Photos Body Smile
Your conversation is stimulating.
Baby you can be my drug. That's Me Relaxing Taking Photos Hey Boo ❤
I found satisfaction at the bottom of a whiskey bottle.
You make me want to do things with you.
When I grow up I want to be nothing like you.
When in doubt pretend you're a power ranger.
I've never been in love with something so much. Mandala Seedoflife Tattoo Spontaneous
Dark horse.
Hello Mr. Brocoli.
Wake up with my giant carrot.
Arizonan, born and raised. Flower NextTattoo Arizonan Arizona
The beach
I got this thing about not wearing shoes. Ocean Oceanside
I'm getting bored with your inconsistency. Oceanside California That's Me Need Someone Consistent
I've got this thing about iced tea. ♡ Lunch Iced Tea Veggie Burger
Solider terrarium. USMC Militaryfamily Terrarium Soldier
You can take a farm girl to the city, but you can't take away the farm girl instincts. Kid Goat Farmgirl
Ultimate snack obstacle! Trailmix
Want to know a secret, I've gained 20 lbs in a year. Want to know what else, I'm a recovering bulimic. MY WEIGHT doesn't define me. Recovery Fat Ugly Body
I'd take a day out in the country for a week in the city. I Want To Go Home Farm Little Bit Of Country Dirt Road
My greatest memories where made on that farm. Farm Countrygirl Workboots
Old habits are hard to break when they make you feel good. Imdone
I spend to much time in baths, and taking photos. Baths Bath Candles Mermaid
Park Swing Barefoot Baby
Eye Smile
Summer time missing, sweet tea kissing. Redlips Kiss Summertime
Laguna Beach California
Laguna Beach Beach California
1000 steps
My children get along nicely. Guinea Pig English Bulldog
I want to go back to being beautiful, and with no f*cks given! Smile Model Life Wheniwashappy!
Hiking Nature Arizona
There's no great connection, then to the earth. Garden Catapiller Nature
Never will I forget who saved who. Adopted Guineapig Mihlo Furchild
I'm at most peace, when I'm connected to the earth. Tattoo Nature Arizona Barefoot
Sweet as watermelon First Eyeem Photo