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Everyday Joy Budapest Budapest, Hungary Market Centralmarket Traditional Market Fruits Vegetable
Everyday Joy
Everyday Joy
How's The Weather Today?
How's The Weather Today?
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Travel with postcards #002 #Japan From sis 這是在英國時辣妹子們從日本寄來的 2012年那群瘋女人愛上了日本 一直去一直去 對東洋興趣缺缺的我 一直很不解 直到2014有機會飛了一趟關西後 終於了解日本的魅力了! 啊~想念了 My sis send me this postcard while I was in UK They fall in love with Japan in 2012 and I can't understand why Japan can make them wanna keep visiting Finally I got chance to visit Japan myself in 2014 I finally understand why now Ah~ really miss it!! Travelwithpostcards Postcards Japan ASIA Travel Memories Stories Sister Kyoto
Travel with postcards #001 #London #From #myself 從倫敦開始 必竟這是我歐洲行的第一站 2011/06因為PQ而出發的歐洲行 特地挑了倫敦就是想看看英國的環境 喜歡的話就考慮去念書 (後來也真的去了) 明信片上的Piccadilly 也成了之後在倫敦最常鬼混的地方 必竟看戲.逛街.吃飯都在那附近 初訪倫敦短短的5天 英國腔還沒聽懂就要走了 我在明信片上寫下 "London, I'll be back" 也就真的再回去了 Start from London, the first station of my euro trip in 2011 I put London on my list because I was considering study in UK And I actually did that The postcard is the photo of Piccadilly, where I go a lot That's where I can want shows, shopping and get food I wrote on that postcard..... I said "London, I'll be back" And I really did that in 2013 I wanna go there again soon.... #travelwithpostcards #travel #postcard #project #memories #stories #London #UK #Europe #001 Postcard Postcardsfromtheworld Postcards Travel Travelwithpostcards Memories London Europe Stories Journey
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