East is a delicate matter ...
my favorite actress????
Winter came to the Far East??❄️⛄️?✌️?
I love the cat more than people!????✌️?
Oscar & Osman(father and son)???☀️✌️
And every autumn, I bloom again ...?????☀️✌️
"I have long realized how human remains from a few photos - your images will become more important than a life lived like a space in a hurry to oust you, your body, and the only proof of my life full of experiences, feelings, fragmentary views, smiles and tears - only these photos. I'll be gone and there will be only these photos with a "woman's face", which never hid and finally disappeared ... "
bank of the Amur. Far East.????????
all a good night!
my most faithful friend ...☝️☝️☝️??????
I ❤️ tequila
I ❤️?
gifts of the Far East??????
I love her more than people!????????
My little friend, as long as I live " never fear!
Playing With The Animals
walk in the clouds☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️???
LiLu & Hidey
Кася - рваные штаны?????