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Went Back Brown Yes!
Ganna Get These Back Soon :) My Cheeks Still Look Swollen Here :(
Hanging Out
Bord Af Smh
Messy Hair ! Fuggggg It Lol
Gm Eyeem! Say It Back I Want A Good Morning :)
Im Yoyng And Im Ready
Maybee She Will
I Will Miss U Hair :( New Hair Cut
Dark Hair
I Think I Miss My Dark Hair :((
Kisses To All Of U
Skool Flow
Club Rocket Latnight
Smoke N Ride
Me N My Drink Ayyyeeee
My Nigga Shannon
Chillin Like A Mf:)
I Like To Stay On That Cruzin Altitude... On My Way To Skoo
Happy V Day
Gettin Ready For Da Night
Skool Flow
Super Bowl !!
Waitin At This Long Ass Red Light Smh
At Skool On My Grind
Outa Skoo Thank U God!
I Dnt Like U
Bitch Say Another Word
I Think Im Staying Blond
New Hair :)
Yes Im Swrious Bout Dis Money !
Ridin Round N Gettin It
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Out N About
Hanging Out
Summer I Neeeed U!!!! Lol ☀☀☀
Take A Flight
Bitch Dnt Kill My Vibe