Word!! Openminded Haveaopenmind Truth Rp
I am a king. Society may put up road blocks just because of the color of my skin, but I know my true potential and I know I will one day regain my empire. King Trueking Fucksociety
Virgo ??? and it's funny because blue is one of my favorite colors ? Virgo Astrologicalsigncolors Astrology Sign
Yep the story of my life lol but I wouldn't change a thing. Even though I wear my heart on my sleeve and it tends to get stepped on or punched I wouldn't change a thing. I love that I'm a loving and caring person that was raised by my single mother and older sister to give woman respect and love always. Chivalry is dead nowadays and I'm happy to still be the kind of dude that'll open a ladies door always make sure my lady comes first. Ifeeleverything ?? Myheartonmysleeve Gentleman  Icaresomuch ??? Iwearmyheartonmysleeve
This is what I do. I have goals in life and they will be met, but not without hard work and dedication. If you have no ambition in life you will never amount to anything. Ambition Hardwork BeHumble Goalsinlife dedication humble
Dope as fuck. Thewalkingdead Haircut Trimm
Arrow is dope as fuck. I've never seen this show before I know I'm mad late, but I just downloaded all the episodes and it's now my new favorite.?????????? Arrow Series DOPE Newfavoriteshow marathon
What is it? Potheadproblems Potheadstuff Pothead Stoner bong weed marijuana maryjane herb
The jerk chicken I had last night. It's was on point ???? Jerkchicken Carribeanfood Islandfood Foodporn
The Kunafa was really good, but I let it get room temperature before I ate it ?. It's better hot. Foodporn Middleeasternfood Desert dandanahookahcafe
Last night blowing a cloud on my date. ??????????? Hookah Clouds Hookahcafe Dandanahookahcafe verychill
Hookah Dandanahookahcafe Hookahcafe Hookah
The hookah Dandanahookahcafe Hookah Hookahcafe Date
My date last night. After dinner I toke her to a nice hookah spot ?????????? Hookah Hookahcafe Dandanahookahcafe Amazingnight date
Ain't that the truth lol The best smoke of the Day and I'm just counting down until I'm out this bitch lol Cantwait Stonerproblems Pothead Stoner Potheadsociety bestsmokeoftheday rp
Lmao ??? Pothead Potheadsociety Stoner Rp
Haha word! Lmao Stonerproblems Stoner Pothead Sotrue truestory
Lunch ????? Meatloverspizza Pizza Bbqwings Foodporn lunch lunchtime Workflow
Inspectah Deck. InspectahDeck HipHop Bars Lyrics
Listening to 13.Method Man (1998) - Tical 2000 - Judgement Day - Spazzola feat. Streetlife ,Raekwon , MastaKilla , KillerSin & InspectahDeck by MethodMan
Tupac & Biggie  back in 1994 Legends Rip hiphop
Smokers club member Smokersclub Smokersclubshirt Pothead Stonershit potheadstuff Potheadsociety jetlife
High up all night ???? Smokersclubtshirt Smokersclub Highaf  Pothead stoner Potheadsociety beard bearded
Method Methodman HipHop Pothead Stoner
???????✈✈✈ Listening to - TicalOThePrequel - TheMotto by Methodman
Lunch time ????????? Sausage Peppers Mashpotatoes Strawberryicedtea foodporn
Happy holidays ??????????????✈✈✈✈✈ Potheadshappyholidays ApotheadsChristmas Potheadsociety Stoner weed ganja maryjane herb trees
Music is life, without it I'll be dead....... Music MusicIsLife Musicislove Ilovemusic musicmydailydrug
I've been fed up with pigs. I was never into gangs and the police are the biggest organized gang in the united states. I'm Listening to FedupWittheBullshit by Bigl
? my thoughts threw someone else's mind....... Hmmmmm Thoughts Facts Life People humanproblems
Bearded and shit lol Beard Gentleman
My breakfast Mcdonalds Eggsteakbagel OG Orangejuice
High morning smiling because it's a new day with so many possibilities. ?????????? oh yea it's cold as fuck though lol ??????? Highaf  Enjoyinglife  Enjoyingthesinglelife
Modern day slave.
Lion surrounded by sheep on a daily ????
This is probably the dopest song I've heard in a long time. This shit goes hard. Listening to NewFacesv2 Feat. Earlsweatshirt & Dash by MacMiller
This is my oath. This is what I stand by, what makes me who I am. I'll be this way until the day I die. Myoath Whatistandfor Whoiam
True story???? Pothead Stoner Jetlife Highlife jetlifetothenextlife stayblazed alwayshigh
Lunch time Foodporn Lunchtime Lunch Workflow
One of my favorite lyricist that ever lived. Listening to Putiton by Bigl HipHop Realhiphop
Another Dope wood carving from Africa on my friends wall Woodcarving Africa
Dope wood carving from Africa on my friends wall Woodcarving Africa Akwaaba Welcome
Dinner for tonight Friedchicken Pasta
Watching Thegiver it's a interesting movie , I'm enjoying it.
Lunch CheeseBurger Empanada Lunch Workflow
Fuck cops and down with the currupt government.
Nothing has really changed. Fuck the government, Fuck cops no matter what token they put in the white house shit is still the same.
Word that's me all day. I'm honest and always real, some people can't take the realness bc they're so exposed to the fake on a daily. Nas Realness Honest Virgo