Michael Bundscherer

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Typographer.
Michael Bundscherer
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High angle view of people on beach
Full frame shot of sea
Sailboat sailing in sea
Midsection of man playing piano
Full frame shot of rippled water
View of a sleeping dog
Boats moored in canal
Defocused image of orange sky
High angle view of red berries on ice
Statue of buddha in temple
High angle view of railroad tracks
Traditional windmill on field against sky
Rear view of boy flying birds
Man walking in historical building
Rear view of silhouette woman standing against sky during sunset
Trees in forest
People in corridor of building
High angle view of bicycle
View of road sign
Full frame shot of hardwood floor
no people
Scenic view of sea by cliff against sky
Shadow of birds on wall
Close-up of rooster
Aerial view of a city
Close-up of text
Close-up of beer bottles
Close-up of illuminated lighting equipment
Close-up of clothes hanging
Full frame shot of tree
Close-up of machine part