B O S N I A & H E R Z E G O W I N A Catch the moment :) *Photos are mostly taken with Sony Xperia M2 or Samsung Galaxy J5 2016*
Working September... want some? Green apples're my favourite 🍏 Green Apples  Work September Tasty Orchard Apple Tree Apple Apple Blossom Fruit Tree Harvesting Juicy
In love with architecture, in love with Wrocław! City well known by dwarfs :) If you find one, it will bring you luck. Poland Wroclaw, Poland Rynek Wroclaw Architecture City Residential Building Window Balcony House Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Place Of Interest High Society
Translation: "Everything was easier before. Me, for example." Black Background Communication Text Close-up Handwriting
Nature has given its effects already Colors Of Autumn Throwback Banja Luka Vrbas Nofilternoedit Banjalučki Splav Tree Water Lake Reflection Sky Idyllic Tranquility Non-urban Scene
Such a cute window ... or not? Colors Austria Saalfelden Flowers Yellow Blue White EyeEm Selects Window Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Window Box Closed
Old photo from the summer camp in Poland...Boys were dancing polish folk dance called krakowiak. Such an amazing experience! I wish I could go back... Sony Xperia M2 Movements Movement Photography Boys Polishfolklore Krakowiak Motion Activity Dancing Blurred Motion
EyeEm Selects Portrait Women Headshot Beauty Close-up Natural Beauty Hair Back Hair Bun Hairstyle Posing
Love is everywhere... This time in Banja Luka ❤ A view from my high school's window Window View Red Red Heart Sky Buildings Business Finance And Industry City Metal Architecture Built Structure
Taken on my way to school 🙂 Colorful Sunny Side Up Banja Luka Umbrella
More mornings like this, please... with flowers Flower Petal Close-up Passion Flower
Graz, Austria. This year I've started with a small trip right there. At this picture you can see Grazer Uhturm or clock tower. Although it was a bit rainy day, and even snow started falling, the weather couldn't stop me from learning something new about this place. Name of this city before was Gradec ( given by Southern Slavs), till Germans changed it into name that we all know today-Graz. Schlossberg Graz Uhrturm Discoveraustria Graz Gradec
CPU Central Processing Unit
Flowers, Nature And Beauty Gardenflowers
Mosque Ferhadija in Banja Luka is finally renewed, and looks stunning of course... Mosque Arabesque Banja Luka Beauty
An eye again... Eyelash Eye Light Sony Xperia M2 Hdr_Collection Vscocam Iris - Eye Close Up PhotographyEye Collection Eye Photography Lightandreflection Light Effect Light Up Your Life Eyemphotography Colour Of Life Nose
Noeffect Last Year Beautiful Sky Pink Sunset Beauty In Nature Cloud - Sky Dramatic Sky Rear View Interesting Perfect
I think that this is also some kind of Huygens illusion Museum Exhibition Interesting Rear View Black&white Sony Xperia M2
I'm a bit obssesed with flowers...and photography :) Flowerporn Flower Head Orange Beautiful Beauty In Nature Nature Vscocam Vscogood Sony Xperia M2 Nature_perfection Naturelover EyeEm Nature Lover
Earth without art is just "eh" Museum Of Contemporary Art Banjaluka Beautiful Different Vscogood Vscocam Exhibition Interesting Enjoying The Moment
"I was shocked. The call..." Today, Anne inspires many of us. I have read her diary 4 years ago. I still can't imagine how scary was that war, and I hope it will never happen again. Anne, you're Neverforgotten Fantastic Exhibition At Banjaluka Young Girl Diary Second World War Jewish Family Frank
Can you believe me how beautiful this place is?Plitvickajezera Plitvice National Park Croatia Nature Photography Nature_perfection Nature_collection Waterdrops Water Splash Sony Xperia M2 Nature's Diversities Naturelover Nature Colors Need For Speed
Happy Earth day to everyone! Plitvice Lakes National Park Sunnyday Schooltrip Perfect Panorama Shot. Nature Photography Naturelover Reflections In The Water No Filters Or Effects Green Color Earth Day 2016 EyeEm Best Shots - Nature
Well, I was here for the first time. I am really impressed, this place is so beautiful and I highly recommend to you all to visit it. Here I was watching "Romeo and Juliet", a ballet. Music, dancers, stage.. Perfect! Hnk Croatian National Theatre Zagreb Croatia Barocco Style Hrvatskonarodnokazalište Enjoying The Moment Interesting Lights And Shadows Decorations Theatreofdreams Eyem Architecture
Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...... Flowers, Nature And Beauty Naturelovers Spring Has Arrived At Village Green Fields Eyem Best Shots Nature_collection Girl Noeffect Enjoyment Eyem Nature Lovers  Let Your Hair Down
Nofilter Christmas Tree Christmastime Christmas Lights NativityScene Christmas Ornaments Christmasspirit Christmas Spirit Christmas Lights
Well, people, I would like to introduce you a very special meal in our countries on Balkan that is called SARMA. We really love ittt! Balkan Food Sarma Love ♥ Foodporn Foodphotography Foodpics Hungry Joy Balkan Balkan Beauty Eyeem Food Photos
Church Kosciol Architecture Sky Wroclaw Poland
At Sarajevo.. I'm really one of those that love to meet different religions, cultures and people. Begova Džamija Sarajevo Bosnia Mosque Beautiful Colours Arhitechture Arabesque
Here again... Love this city! Wrocław Poland Blue Colours I Love You Kocham Cie The Bridge Of Love Most Tumski Most Zakochanych
I've got a crazy camera! Bolesławiec City Lights At Night Enjoying Life Hello World Poland Beautiful City Nightphotography Night Lights Need For Speed Travelingtheworld  Traveling Photography
Petrovaradinfortress Clock Tower Serbia Novi Sad Sky And Clouds Blue Sky Clouds Skyporn
Eye colour-Unknown.. Eyes Eyes Collection Green Brown Small Eyes Bit Tired Natural No Makeup Mine
Blackandwhite Photography Flowers_collection White Roses In A Restaurant Cristal Jar Water Restauracja Olenka
A beautiful place ... Croatia Water Sky Sun Sea Summer Vibes Summertime Reflections In The Water Reflections And Shadows Perfect Timing Picture Hair Let Your Hair Down Splashing High-speed Photography Sunrise Flowing Water Water Drop Shining Drop
Split Croatia Black And White Photography Trip Photo Architecturelovers History Architecture Diocletian's Palace
Without music, life wouldn't be the same, right? Blackandwhite Photography Daire Instrument Fingers Playing
Village Nature Green NatureBeautiful Day Vscocam VSCO