Buffy Jo Mathews


happily engaged and a mom of 3 and a grandma of 2. Also stepmother to 4 and step grandma of 4.
Self Portrait Around The World
Self Portrait Around The World
I don't look like most 43 yr old women. I embrace my greys and add highlights to it
My beautiful handmade umbrellas I bought at the monroe county fair yesterday
Losing a child does change you forever. It changed me when I lost my 5 yr old son Jamie Lee
Beauty Redefined
World's oldest Galapagos tortoise at the toledo zoo . He's over 100 yrs old.
Also when I was 37
Me 6 yrs ago when I was 37
My granddaughter
My grandson
Also by Christopher Lovell
By an amazing artist Christopher Lovell.
Im not always serious. ..lol
One of my 16 tattoos
Picture of old train in my hometown of dover ohio back in the early 1900's when it was known as canal dover.
Since I have 3 ferrets I so had to share this
I love frogs. ...had to share
One of my 3 ferrets Dash Allen. He got to go with us on our trip to Illinois and iowa.
The only pretty thing here.... First Eyeem Photo