Brent McQuery


Photography is my hobby. My passion is shooting photos, but also enjoy editing them. Spend hours on end taking thousands of pictures, but saving few.
Window Frame
Black And White
Black And White
Black Rubber
Part Of
Ray's Of
Autumn Leaves
Unearthed Focus
Natural Light
Bridge Fallen
Black Eyes
Big Eyes Long
Green Cat Toy
Focus On
Dried Leaf
Orange rind
Cucumber slice
Hard boiled
Cherry tomato
Cucumber on top
One inch Black
Purple Indoor
White leather
Tiny bell
Glass candle
Cotton swab
Stuffed feline
Small scarecrow
Window sill
Colors in
View between
Shadows from
Fall has come
Grand Tetons
Fall Day
Auto Focus
Sunlight Shadow
Sunlight Shadow
Decimal Point
Lug Nut Holes
Chrome Pattern
Changing colors
Deep snow
Looking up and
Boat tour on
Moon just right
Mule grazing
Mule scratching
Early morning
Posed for a
Beaver pond
Raven looking
Mother and
Multi colored
View at the end
Grand Tetons
T.A. Moulton
Cloudy sky
Stain glass in
Sculpture of
Sculpture of
Sacred Heart
One raindrop
Grand Tetons
Reflecton off
Grand Tetons
Old barn, Grand
Part of Mormon
Leaf chewing
View of few
Ant egg
Changing Leaf
Hidden in the
Misplaced pet
Jagged wood
Abandoned east
Along the fence
Entrance to
Rock formation
Male and female
Shot clay
Fake rain
Old decanter
Old perfume
What a rush!
Storm at a
Left to rust
Into the
Tiny wings

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