Brad L. Hodges


New Mexico based photographer. California native/frequent returning son. © All photos by me. Nikon D200, iPhone 6 & 7. All rights reserved.
"As The Yucca Blooms And Dies, So Can Love" The beautiful Yucca flower may bloom once per season, but more likely every few years and only lasts a few weeks. Love may come, sometimes only for a short season, then can die leaving only memories of its once beautiful bloom. Sunset Nature Sky Scenics Orange Color Silhouette Lost Love Brokendreams West Texas Westtexasskies Silhouette Metaphor Yucca Yuccaplant Yucca Flower
"End Of The Road" An upside down car, an abandoned building, supervised by nothing more than the New Mexico sky, are just few of the elements remaining in the ghost town of Ancho, New Mexico. Abandoned Sky Outdoors Landscape Old Cars Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Ghost Town Abandoned Car Newmexicophotography New Mexico New Mexico Skies Clouds And Sky
"Once Upon a Life" All that remains is the decaying interior of an abandoned house on the edge of cotton fields in West Texas, once housing life, hope and dreams, now left to the powers of nature to reclaim. Abandoned Indoors  House Window Home Interior Damaged Architecture Architecture Decay West Texas Rural Scene Brokendreams
"Into Gloryland" New Mexico represents the glory-land of cloud formations in an endless array and presentation. Cloud - Sky Sky Nature Beauty In Nature Scenics Landscape Newmexicophotography New Mexico New Mexico Skies Clouds Clouds And Sky Cloudscape Cloudy
"Knee View" Sometimes on your knees is the only place you can be. The sanctuary of the long abandoned Taiban, New Mexico Presbyterian Church, built in 1908. Architecture Wood - Material Indoors  Woodfloor Church Sanctuary  Onyourknees New Mexico Abandoned Places Abandoned Ghost Town Newmexicophotography Blackandwhite Black & White Blackandwhite Photography
"The Long Way Home" Down a country road, beside the cottonfields, into a West Texas sunset. One Person The Way Forward Sunset Walking Real People Lifestyles Outdoors Road Scenics Adult People Sky West Texas Sunset Cottonfields West Texas Skies West Texas Rural Scene Rural Road Countryside Countryroads
"The Red Room" Shot through a broken door into the interior of an abandoned house in the ghost town of Ancho, New Mexico. Ancho, was a former railroad and ranching community. The settlement was established at the turn of the 20th century when families began to settle the fertile valley, followed by a number of homesteaders who became the area’s first sheep and cattle ranchers. Miners also roamed the area of gypsum hills in search precious metals. Window Abandoned Indoors  Damaged No People Architecture Ghost Town Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places New Mexico Newmexicophotography Doorway Interior Red Red Color Old Buildings
"My Last Reflection" Flooded road along West Texas cotton fields, my last reflection, the last time I'll probably travel this road with her, broken heart, broken dreams, goodbye...but the door is still open... Sunset Scenics Sky Silhouette Water Water Reflections Silhouette Westtexasskies Cottonfields West Texas Brokendreams Poetry In Pictures Poetry Lost Love Agriculture
"Lone Silo" A massive silo, still in use, dominates a tiny village along Route 60 in New Mexico. Industry Architecture Silo Storage Tank Industrial Building  New Mexico Newmexicophotography Route 60 Silos Farming Travel Photography Historical Place
"West Texas Salvation" There is always a road to the cross, a path to escape evil... Sunset Sky Landscape Scenics Cloud - Sky Beauty In Nature Outdoors Rural Scene West Texas West Texas Skies West Texas Sunset West Texas Landscape Salvation  Escape
"Delicate Beauty" Closeup shot of a Desert Paintbrush flower. Growth Flower Nature Petal Fragility Beauty In Nature Flower Head Focus On Foreground Desert Paintbrush Wildflowers Wildflowers In Bloom Wildflowers Of Eyeem New Mexico Newmexicophotography Closeup Close-up Close Up
"Last Train From Ancho" The trains still roll through the ghost town of Ancho, New Mexico, but they long ago ceased stopping at its now abandoned depot sending the town into oblivion. Railroad Track Rail Transportation Sky Transportation Cloud - Sky Railway Railroad Newmexicophotography New Mexico Traintracks Ghost Town Abandoned Abandoned Places Clouds And Sky Clouds Cloudscape Clouds & Sky
"Yellow Bouquet" Nature's florist delivers a beautiful yellow bouquet to the New Mexico countryside. Flower Yellow Beauty In Nature Freshness Blooming Wildflowers Yellow Flower Nature Nature Flower Head New Mexico Newmexicophotography
"In Through The Clouds" Clouds reflected in a window in an old abandoned house in the tiny ghost town of Ancho, New Mexico. You can see inside where old drapes still eerily hang blown ghostly about by the wind. Window Low Angle View Close-up Newmexicophotography New Mexico New Mexico Skies Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Ghost Town Ghosts Drapes  Reflection Windows Window Reflections
"Once A View" An abandoned house on the cotton fields of Texas, a history insight I had, knowing how life once went there, it makes me very sad. A lost love attached, dreams broken then and now...I cry...I'm left with only two words, and that is how and why. Window Sunset Sky Indoors  Landscape Agriculture Scenics Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Lost Love Poetry Poetry In Pictures Brokendreams West Texas Cottonfields Westtexasskies Silhouette Metaphor
"Life Is A Series Of Doors" In one, out another, they open and close to the seasons of our lives. An abandoned old house in the ghost town of Ancho, NM, mysteriously illustrates the mystery of the doors in our lives. Door Architecture Built Structure House Wood - Material Abandoned Doorway Open Building Exterior No People Open Door Brokendreams Decay Damaged Home Interior Ghost Town Newmexicophotography New Mexico
"And The Heavens Spoke" Cloud formations collaborate with the heavens and the sun to create a stunning evening light show. Beauty In Nature Nature Sky Scenics Tranquil Scene Cloud - Sky Sunlight Outdoors Sunset Cloudscape Clouds And Sky New Mexico Skies New Mexico Newmexicophotography Landscape
"God Has Left The Building" The long abandoned Taiban, New Mexico Presbyterian Church, built in 1908 stands longer with a soul. Architecture Building Exterior Abandoned Blackandwhite Photography Black & White Blackandwhite Newmexicophotography Ghost Town Abandoned Places New Mexico Church Architecture Abandoned Buildings
"Once Upon a Time" An abandoned old home sits in decay once proudly hosting a lifetime beside the cotton fields of West Texas. Window Architecture Built Structure Abandoned Abandoned Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Rural Scene West Texas Sadness Window View Brokendreams Cottonfields
"Dead Center The Storm" A desolate road in the Central Highlands of New Mexico, leads directly into an oncoming thunderstorm common in Summer in the region. Sky Cloud - Sky Landscape Nature Scenics Outdoors Newmexicophotography New Mexico New Mexico Skies Thunderstorm Dramatic Sky Roads Rural Rural Scene Storm Storm Cloud Stormy Weather