First people born... Aka: American Indian. Enjoy people and their sense of time and place via photography
My daughter
Grandson Jaxx first pull of cedar bark
Grandson Jaxx learned how to harvest, his first
Buddy... awesome family member
Birthday bike, 3 years old
Grandson loves balloons
Grandson Jaxx taking pictures at age 3
I love art
Our walk and grandsons ride
Play day
My awesome grandson Jaxx
Me doing yellow cedar bark and wool weaving
Yellow cedar cape weaving
My niece doing yellow cedar weaving
Silver thaw with more snow in the PNE
Beautiful morning
Grandson Jaxx new instrument set
Grandson Jaxx's 2nd Christmas
Twin Sisters, whatcom county, Washington
My brother Paul And his wife Judy
My nieceDena and her family
Tabitha and Jaxx
Grandson Jaxx taking selfies at his grandmas wedding
Grandson Jaxx AJ Gill and Mom,Tabitha Johnnie at pumpkin patch
Grandson Jaxx had a long, long day, finally a nap
Things you can see in the natural grains of the tree
Black bear startled and ran across road and up the hillside
90 plus year old elder learning to weave... Awesome
Just me
Sunset at Lummi Washington
New sunglasses
New trike
Grandson Jaxx put mud on face from rock
Kewl. Not my photo but needed to share
Lummi youth canoe paddle to protest
Lummi youth
Jaxx coloring
Cultural singers
Grandson on walk and mom put dandelion atop his head... He loves walks and picking flowers
Grandson in tree with mom holding him
Grandson and cantaloupe
Black hawk singers at fund raiser event
Lummi Youth dancer at fund raising event
Grandson Jaxx playtime at park
Grandson walking and discovering the out doors
My relatives reunited