Blend Shahiqi


Im a 22 year old model. Currently studiyng filmproduction. Live in Sweden and I love taking photos. Instagram: blendii
Church in The wild Church Tree Nature
Nature Eyemnaturelover Green Black & White
Black&white Black And White NEM Black&white Mirror
Black And White Black&white Art
Smoking kills :/ But so Does everything else Smoking Ciggarette Summer ☀ Summer
Enjoying Life Relaxing City
Moon Blac&white  Black And White
Winter Enjoying Life Taking Photos
Waiting for something Fishing Summer ☀
Waves Beach Waves Summer ☀
Nature Reflection Sunshine
Illustration Clouds Reflection
Beautiful Photo Summer Summer ☀
We are all different from shapes to colors but at the end we all are humans. We all live once and die once Rocks Photo Beautiful
Never drown your feelings in Alcohol but who says partying is wrong? Alcohol Party Party Time
For you my heart is always open even if we fight I Will never close the door! Love Enjoying The Sun Sunshine
The Environmentalist – 2014 EyeEm Awards
Black & White NEM Black&white Black And White
Black And White Black & White
Clouds And Sky Clouds From An Airplane Window
Ice Sky Clouds And Sky
Lake Tree Beautiful
Water Water Reflections Sky
Military Fence Sunrise
Steps into The winter Winter Snow Photo
Batman Stree Photography Street Art
Reflection Sea First Eyeem Photo
Airplane From An Airplane Window Clouds
Crazy Snow Art
Nature Art Beautiful Sunny
Nature Tree Beautiful Photo
Self Portrait Nature Sun Sunset