Painting is silent poetry ~Plutarch
are you sure that a ceiling can't also be a floor? Skyporn Unitedbyedit Portrait
sleep walking Unitedbyedit Monochrome
There is a morning inside you waiting to burst into light
Even angels have their wicked schemes and you take that to new extremes Selfportrait Monochrome
The sky was candy luminous...edible...e.e. cummings Sunrise Skyporn
Blue Ridge Mountains Where I Grew Up
closer Nature_collection
Lost in paradise
I'm living in such sweet nothing... Ain't nothing sweet
This moment
Falling up Sunrise Unitedbyedit
Not really sure how to feel about it...something in the way you move Selfportrait
fire in the sky Skyporn
The first step shall be to lose the way Sunset Unitedbyedit
F R E E F A L L Portrait Unitedbyedit
I don't know where to go..I don't know how I feel...what now Selfportrait Monochrome Unitedbyedit
Dream on Unitedbyedit
Photographs are portraits painted by the sun Hold My Hand.....