Maddie Adkins


I love photography and pictures! I hope to see some beautiful shots here and let others see mine:)
Coffee and Honu Beads make for a great morning Coffee Selfie Beads Fashion Blogger
Happy Halloween! Halloween Frenchmaid
Hairs getting so long! Longhairdontcare Selfie Brunette Photography
? Id rather be here in this beautiful place with this beautiful soul than anywhere else in the world ? Nature Creek Relaxing Mother Nature
Beautiful beach scene Beach Clouds Sky Photography
b e y o u r s e l f Selfie Beatles Girlsthatsmokeweed Justchilling
Gorgeous lake side view Lake View Relaxing Enjoying Life Girlsthatsmokeweed
Healthy snacks 101 just pop some blueberries in the freezer for a few hours! Frozen Blueberries Healthy Antioxidant
Monday morning mirror pic just because Mirror Picture Selfie Glam Cute
Mother Earth replenishes the soul Connected With Nature Mother Nature Soul Searching Creek
The most wonderful place Beach Relaxing Bubble Butt Beachbum
Hey there:) Selfie Taking Photos That's Me Enjoying Life
My bae just chillin in the pool Lovehim Bae  Pool Relaxing
Vibrant purple flowers against the beautiful blue cloudy sky Sky Flowers Vibrant Taking Photos
Showing my support for Amnesty InternationalOpen Your Eyes For Amnesty International
Me and my bae ? Babes Friends Turn Up LSD
Double Rainbow! ?? Nature Sky Rainbow Relaxing
Yesterday's sky? Sky Gorgeous Rainy Sunset
Gotta love this lady in the morning Starbucks Tea Drink Summer
Sunflowers and Summer ??? Sunflowers Summer Taking Photos Enjoying Life
My work outfit today Ootd Fashion Zebra Print
enjoy every moment no matter what you're doing Selfie Nature Trees Clouds
late night filters Relaxing Taking Photos High Smoke
A gorgeous weeping willow Trees Nature Connected With Nature Gorgeous
In love with this Green Nature Leaves Connected With Nature
How I started my weekend...crying that its over Clouds Sky Porn Breathtaking Gorgeous
Glitter flats and floral dress Ootd ✌ Floral Glitter Fashion
I live where you vacation Relaxing Poolday Florida Sky
Connected With Nature Flowers Beautiful Nature
Connected With Nature Nature Animals Kitty
I had such a gorgeous weekend! This shot was taken in my boyfriend's back yard Relaxing Nature Trees Weekend
Nature Summer Trees Floridalivin
I love taking pictures of clouds! Most of my nature pictures include them:) Relaxing Enjoying Life Nature Clouds
Beautiful nature shot Connected With Nature Enjoying Life Sun Nature
So happy to see my Caroline last night:) had a wonderful night with you girly♡ @carolineeee77 GirlsNight Bae  Loveher Bff partyy
With my love♥ Couple Love Boyfriend High School
♥ summer lovin ♥ Connected With Nature Beautiful Flowers Model
Such a beautiful way to spend today Nature Backyard Sunday Relaxing
Gorgeous this time of day Connected With Nature Nature Blueberryfield Clouds nofilter s4camera
My neighbor's beautiful dog Dog Pets Connected With Nature Animals
Beautiful shot on the way home Skyporn Sky Clouds Trees nature sun gorgeous floridalivin
Happy 420 Blaseitandpraiseit
Rainbow in the clouds:) Rainbow Clouds Skyporn Connected With Nature
Hammock afternoons >> Chill Iloveflorida Swing Hammock relaxing
WCW Bae  Starbucks Basic whitegirl icedcoffee afternoonpickup caramel delicious
Afternoon drive Trees Clouds Gorgeous Spring nature landscape
My boyfriends mom sure has a green thumb Flowers Connected With Nature Lilies Gorgeous
Gorgeous shot Trees Forest Nature Birdwatching nofilter s4
Just trying to enjoy everything beautiful in life
Florida forever Floridalivin Blueberries Blueberryfield Gorgeous sunset love