yuuup !!
i wouldnt Be Me If I didnt Get a Lil Nasty (;
Cause Bitch I Do It ... (:
&& Yeah Im Single (: ~`Freaks .........Fwm
yup ! Me Nicholas Is Nappy Headed For The Moment Goodnight Loves (: </3
what Up Thoeee !
ima Cute Pimp (:
*sighs* idk ! :/
who The Hell Is This Calling Me At 12:47 in The Night While Im Watching The Fight .. Lol
Fwm ...
All These Bitches Want Cocaine I Aint Sayin No Names !!
i know i look ratchet ... But i woke up in a OKAY mood !!
All We Do Is Smoke && Fuck #Dope !!
From That Great Pink Matter !!!
cause These My Baby's ! (:
Let Me Lick You Up && Down Til You Say Stop.!! #Freaks
Hanging Out