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Details Of My Life Parenting my sweet Severus Danger. <3
Thaddeus was four months old on the 8th. :)
Blue hair, don't care.
Big cheese! Parenting Cloth Diapers Baby
New discoveries this morning.
Because it's not still summer.
The 'Us Two.
Youngest and oldest.
So much in love with this picture of Samara and I. Via
Thaddeus' hair swirl.
My heart.
Another morning of tandem nursing the 'Us Two.
Five. Finally.
My little guy is growing so quickly!
Heartbeat Moments
Goggles via D5000.
They look so similar to me.
Oh, brotherly love.
So little.
Oh look, an accurate representation of my evening. #saveme
Curly boy says I'm his favorite Mommy. Good news seeing as I'm the only one he has.
Same mirror. *sniffle*
He reads!!! What is this magickery? #homeschooling
Time for new nail doodles.
Finally Caesar's spearmint is starting to grow!