bharat sharma


Daddy's Dear !
Lord of the Strings !
Fat Old Sun
: Wanderers ! Nahinbe Gorakhpur
"Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky"
Nowplaying - 'Blow With Ry' Nickyhopkins Jammingwithedward 60s Blues Rycooder Charliewatts Billwyman Mickjagger Rocknroll
Bobbykeys Saxophone Rollingstones Rip Missyou
You attact to you the predominant thoughts that you're holding in your awareness, whether these thoughts are conscious or unconscious. That's the rub ! RhondaByrne Thesecret Foodforthesoul
Men-Music-Madness Brohood Throwback Still
"Sunday morning is everyday for all I care"
Happiness in a pan. FoodMood Livetoeat Momdoesitbest
Itsgonnagetmessy Carlsjr Saket
Yes You.
Spoilt for choices ! Malana
Villanellcote Exileonmainstreet
Happy 71 Keith ! Can/Can't believe you turned another year younger ! Celebrating the survival of this 'part human/part riff' - and having absolutely no SympathyForTheDevil HappyBirthday Keithrichards
Triund JustaMemory
ElonMusk AnotherDay ZORooms Work Motivation
Random Deal
The Mystical Trail Braveharbor Himachalpradesh
father protecting his son from the early morning chill !DelhiGram Fatherandson Whatloveis Lifegoals Aweee
BuddyGuy Mickjagger ShineALight Rollingstones Martinscorsese
Go the Zo way ! ZORooms Goininforthekill
Tools Audiotechnica Casiocdp120 Ebonyandivory
Raw, Raunchy and Everything Rocknroll Don't miss them ! Marshall Major Musicmakeseverythingbetter Jimmarshall
"If what you seek is easy, it ain't worth" Triund Trek Himachalpradesh
Part Human, Part Riff Keithrichards Martinscorsese ShineALight
" a painter's got a convas, a writer has realms of paper, a musician has silence " Keithrichards Musicmakeseverythingbetter Quotes Inspirational
Bill Evans Midastouch Jazz Musicwithoutnotions
Wise ! RoadHouseblues Thedoors
Familyfirst ZORooms OneLove
Epitome of craftsmanship ! Motox RealWood Realgood
Blimey ! Jammingwithedward Nickyhopkins Rycooder Billwyman Charliewatts Mickjagger Rollingstones
So Many Feels ! Nowplaying Nickyhopkins Thetinmanwasadreamer 1973 Masonandhamlin
Who would you share this with BeforeAndAfter
"Wooden ships along the water very free and easy Easy, you know the way it's supposed to be Silver people on the shoreline let us be, talkin' 'bout very free and easy" Pokhara Nepal Crosbystillsandnash Woodenships SailOn Vscocam Dktm
Now we know why we lost it :D Readbetweenthelines
Flyon Itsabouttime
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Rishikeshdiaries
Sisterlylove !
"well the house is a-rockin, dont bother knockin" Aria Marshall Musicmakeseverythingbetter
Me with Myself Rishikeshdiaries OmNamahShivaya
Who said a cover can't be better than an original ! LOVE what Jerrygarciaband and Nickyhopkins do on this one !
I read about someone who while listening to this prelude, was suddenly overwhelmed by a immediate desire to commit suicide and end his life ! This is how sadness and despair would sound like - Rachmaninoff Vladimirashkenazy Moodmusic