Joslyn Brown ☺


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My lips form a heart
No one understands your pain more than u
Havent been on here since March!
Prom dress shopping!
Why window shop when you own this ?
Sunday before i went to my boyfriend house!
Loving my new look!
Left to right: Me, Kira, and Aleiah yesterday !
Fav pjs #HelloKitty
Third ear piercing #cartilage
Today was a chill day
Lol im guessing she wants to be a stuffed animal too
Thanks Bebbi ! Shocked ..he just texted me saying "did i wish he was here" and next thing u know he rings my doorbell and comes in and bring me my present and said "i was wondering if u wanted to go to prom?"
Happy Valentine's Day:)
Me yesterday!
We all have scars. We all have stories!
Forgot to upload of my princess Kandie! pink everything even her nails!
Me and my lil boyfriend!
me and the wife
who says your dog can't have a wardrobe like you?
Good morning from me and Kandie!
new Pitt #female
Street legal boo!
This Friday After Konomi's With My Sisters!