Bethany Grace


I'm just a simply girl that enjoys taking photos.
Beauty Redefined Skin Care Defect Defects Skin Skin Tone Basically I have a skin condition where there are changes of pigment in my skin and etc. I'm not ashamed of it and it may be a pain in the ass but I'm not ashamed of it. And no it's not dun burn as I'm never out plus it's raining in England. Pretty Different Unique Different Perspective
Prom ❤️ Prom Prom 2015 People Ballons Formal Style Pretty Mesmerizing HeartBreaking Mixed Emotions
Nature On Your Doorstep
Holiday POV I'm ill so my summer is inside sadly. Relaxing Ill :( Thumbs Up Drained
A friends dog. Dog Walking Dog Love Dog German Shepherd Field Flowers British Britain England Gloucester First Eyeem Photo