Bethany Cole


My anniversary roses! :)
Me and the icy sidewalk didn't get along very well earlier.. Sidewalk-1, Beth-0.
Our snowman!!
Yum fried chicken!!
It's snowing!
Sweet potato pie!!
spiderman!!.. only bc we couldnt find a robin in his size.
she wanted to be batgirl for halloween this year
grumpy bell pepper...
my sweet beautiful neice halle!
look what i made!! my daddys peanut butter chocolate oatmeal cookies!! im in heaven!
our first football game!!
shes freakin adorable in a hat!!
i couldnt help myself. i really like this picture!
found him up on the kitchen table and it about scared me to death!!
the litte stink stink.. oh so sleepy this morning..
my sweet lizzibe
Her birthday dress!! Thank you aunt Jo Ann!!
happy birthday to my beautiful lizzibe!! cant believe she's 3 today. i love you lizzie :)
Fun day with Thomas!!
chillin.. watching football!