Bella Charlette


All I have to say is .. DONT FOLLOW ME, JUST TO UNFOLLOW ME !!
Nobody Can Do It Quite Like I Do
Not everybody can pull this pose off . Did isucceed ?
Old to me new to you
His ass always looking away from the camera . Smh #old to me #new to you . I was coolin with my youngin
Hanging Out
The lord blessed me . Thank you God :)
Old shiiittt
Keep calm & Carry on !
I Need Some Good Head !
Im oh so lightskinned !
Awww ! My favorite person ever ! He's so sweet & funny!
My beautiful co-worker & my punk drew ! They make my job soo much easier their personalities are just amazing . They dont make em like them anymore
I have my own PLL *insiderr* ilove this girl even though she disses my life ! Lol but it's all outta loveee!!!
My diaryyyyyy !!! I love this girl like my last breath . I'll go thru hell and back for her . ♥
My light bright . Nothing more , nothing less ! He's my best friend i can talk to him about anything . (:
Ahhh ! My best friend . My goofball . My heartbeat . My other half . The reason why im somewhat mentally crazy . I love this dude ! My brooooski
My headache ! But he's still my favorite ex . Even though he pisses me off every second
My favorite person to talk to not a day goes by without me talking to him ❤
Hello panda
People paint their own picture of me then try to crop me in
My real hair is longer now & my body went away :(
Work Flow .-.
Like For Me ?
Sorry for blowing up ya newsfeed !
This was the last picture of 2k12 that itook (:
When ifirst got my braids (: