Nick Martin


Landscape Photographer. I use a Nikon d7500, I run an Instagram and a blog called Beautiful New Brunswick.
Living in the
Hidden Gems
Infinity Nikon
Parks Canada
Lock and key
Puppy Lav Nikon
Summer MMXIX
In the clouds
Infinite Canada
Open wide Nikon
Walk the Path
Explore New
Fog Beauty In
Golden Hour
A Maritime
Jack Russell
Uptown City
Cold Windy Day
Focus Nikon
Purple Night
1am Magic Night
Night Life
Light the way
Sail Tree Water
Dusk Tree Sky
EyeEm Selects
Port City B&W
Port City
Hidden Gem
Waterfall wall
Camping under
Looking down
Looking down
Another long
Long summer
Bright summer
Acorn close up
EyeEm Selects
EyeEm Selects
National park
Real maritime
Summer vibrance
When the tide
Rainy Highway
Ocean exposure
EyeEm Selects
Before the
Foggy Lake