kiss the joy as it flies
📍 Newport, Rhode Island
wave after wave
one last time
gonna miss this
well... 🤐🙎🏽
tb 2014
this girl👯 Class
no boy needed 👯
my one and only
love you like crazy🇬🇧
blessed with the best💋☀️
spring has arrived 🌸
on the top ⛪️
tb to summer
biggest love
lots of loveeeee💋💗
selected errors
throwback to the happy days ❤️🐾
Crew Love  💗👯
winter wonderland 🌬
best friends are so important🌙
hiking 1700mt
There's a bridge beyond the rainbow That God prepared with care So when our pets must leave us We'll know that they are there. It is a special sanctum Where they can rest and play, Knowing we will claim them Again some joyous day. Our bond will be renewed Just as it was before; The undying love of a pet You cannot ask for more. I pray for such a Heaven For in my heart I know Wherever He does take them - That's where I want to go. Forever In My Heart ❤️🐶
missing this brownie👶🏽❤️
captured moment 🍁
Enjoying Life
Enjoying Life with this cutie💘
happy birthday bestfriend 💘🎉 hope you enjoyed the cake🍰😏 Finally14
best friend 😈💘 Loveyou
last day 🌞
⛅️⛅️⛅️ Captured Moment
Paradise 🌞🌴🍹 Enjoying The Sun