I live in a cave on the beach....pictures show my life. ☝God is love! ☝
🐋Under the sea
🚶‍♀️A scenic
🏝Anchoring on
🙌Jesus is
🤸‍♂️We stay
🐋Couple months
🐙An Octo in
🦅The Black
🏝Just getting
🏖Scene so
🌅she never let
😰 Gravity
🐠 Gently
🐢The graceful
🎣"let's go
🌊Exploring the
🐢Imagine this
🌊Don't forget
🌊They came in
🦈We threw our
🐠I'm happy
🦀The Caribbean
💃Capturing the
🐴No sir, I
💡Lit since the
🦑under dah
🐠lion light🐠~
barracudas are
🐠I'll eat
🌅The slush of
🌅Summer is
🐟The invasive
Feels like a
Ray play part
🐎Donkeys love
Tiger Grouper
Sudden flight~
The eagles of
Shark in the
The shot i
Top of the
An Octopus
Anemone while
🦈Into the
😺Resting under
🗾Sunset Cruise
🏃After running
🗾Waww!! These
🤸Having some
🗾Got the
🐎If you want
🏊 Swimming🏝️~
🌊 Resurface, a
🐦And here we
🏝️Enjoying the
🏃Leaping over
🌊Gliding over
🐴Met this
🐴While on her
🌊The joy of a
🌊calm clear
🦈The view
🌟Under the
🌅 Longboarding
🐤Glowing in
🛶 Kayaking our
🏊Life on seven
🏝️Off the
🏊multi million
🏊Smiths reef
🐢 while
🏊Never a dull
🏝️That happy
💃Fine art
🐟Floating with

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