Corissa Mathison


I'm a single mother of two beautiful boys and I'm 29 yrs. old my oldest son is 10 and my youngest son is 7. I love being creative.
Summer fun hanging with homies!
Hanging with the homies!LOL!Yeah!
My other younger best friend and homegirls that isn't to far away but still miss and look after like she is my little sister!!!!
My homegirls and best friend to always last! Miss ya chica!!!
Me if I was a Kaleidoscope my head at least! It looks like an alien or something it's funny!LOL!
The ones closest to my heart and soul that I love the most but some are only so far away by the physical distance for now it stands in between some of us though makes you miss one another even more so when the ones dearest and closest to your heart are just so happen to be the ones furthest away for you to show them how much you love them and care about them by a hug or a kiss or even by telling them how much you even miss them even!!! Near And Far
These are my boys that I miss so much! This goes along with the first and second pic together like a collage is what I was gonna do but they go together as one Near and Far summarized story and my topic on the matters of that too! Hope you like it too!! Near And Far
My kids are what I wish they were near me right now with me to hold them to let them know that they are safe and ok. But they are so far away from me now with there fathers but they will always be with me in my heart and in my every seconds of daily thoughts but only temporarily we will be apart till we will be back together again never to be far away or be taken away from being so near for me to them that there mommy will always love them and will always be with them in heart and soul never to far away at all!!!! Near And Far
here is myself when I was a little girl twirling baton and had my family so close together at one time, as I grew up which there are also pics towards the bottom of this that also shows me as an adult when I grew up and became one finally that is eventually my family growing apart as well so the older I got the further my family became not apart of my life to much anymore as well as they grew further away from one another too as well!! Getting older also changes family along with it too!!!! Near And Far That's Me
My best friends I always will cherish our memories together in this world we live and I will never forget the times we had having fun and living life sharing our time with one another and being a part of the changes throughout our lives togather I won't ever forget them or us and you guys!!! I miss ya all too!! We need to hangout sometime again before we get to old ya know! Miss you guys!!! Hanging Out
Technology now a days has become a women's magical wand that in history women used to only dream of the things it can do. Now it can actually grant the wishes of women's desires that they would only be able to dream and imagine to be possible before but it has now become a reality of endless possibilities in our future and present of today's technology in our society's world now!! Hello World
World's natural wonders of nature that grows to make life the highest beauty's that could ever reach towards the heavens amongst within the clouds!!LOL! Gotta luv it!!! Hanging Out ?!
The love of my hearts touch is ever so soft as a touch from a roses petal, my souls dream is ever so sweet as a roses scent that is whispers in the breeze through the skies!!!??? Taking Photos
My ex and when we first started dating 5yrs. Ago that's when are relationship seemed like a real dream come true but now I think I woke up from that dream now!!! Hello World
hello my friends out there in Washington! I'm just here trying this new application out but what's up everyone!!!!LOL!!! That's Me