Playtime pictures! ???
My perfect little boy!
Jealous he can't have peanut butter!
He's sooooo sleepy but just wants to play!!
Impatiently waiting for fireworks
Blowin bubbles
Little man...
Nico and Papaw...
Bubby loves the fire too!
Mad Mike's....that is a cheeseburger made with grilled cheese sandwiches! I am in heaven.
Rolling around to where he wants to go now!
Love this girl!!!
bathtime!! ?
This happy little boy... <3
I can't believe Allie used to be Nico's size!
Happy boy!
No pictures please!!
Hanging with sister!
His little face!!! I think he has my mouth, just like big sister!
This is the top of his head. Little man already has hair (the thick fuzzy white line)
Baby Nico's profile! Little baby nose!!! =)
Allie thought this button on the toaster made snow!!.=) she's funny
29 weeks!
29 weeks!
Silliness, as always!
My girl! <3
Lazy morning! Love my little girl!!
Gearing up for his long, fun-filled day of being an asshole to everybody...
6 months! Whoo-hoo!! (i'm starting to SEE the difference between carrying a boy and carrying a girl!)
Well somebody was sleepy!
I love seeing this...
Little Miss Sunny Jean!
Halfway there!
Cuddling the monkey she got for her baby brother! She's excited to be a big sister!
Allie got to go shopping for her BABY BROTHER today!!! =)
Puppy love...
they missed each other
Big girl swinging herself!
16weeks. <3 cannot wait to know boy/girl!!!
15 picture will be boy/girl!
My furry baby waiting patiently for a snack....
Well, thanks for the warning...
Jeanette's big bump and my tiny bump needed a pic together before Lillian arrives!
99 bottles of beer....
Poor baby fell asleep on his food...
He's a snuggly little guy...
I love my sweet baby girl!!!
Beautiful SC sunset =)
Broadway Park
Lovin the ocean!!
Allie && Daddy
We love the ocean!!
Love my baby girl!
My little diva
She LOVES the water!!
My new favorite drink!
We're excited for VACATION!!
Our silliness <3
Silliness with papaw!
Allie & I have matching toes!!
Good Morning cuddlebug!
My mona baby =)
Morning this kid!
<3 fireworks!
Oh hello 127proof... =)
Carseat nap!
Sleeping like a baby! <3
Allie and Sunny!
Allie and Emmitt
"She's like staring at the sun" <3 Jason Aldean
Zoo fun!
More of our silliness
Constantly kissing this baby!!