I like to look at stuff and such...IPhoneography.
Sonora Desert Tranquility Landscape Mountain
Yosemite National Park El Capitan California
Rosary bought in Californian Mission.
California Sierra Nevada Foothills
Bedroom Window in North Country, NY
Wildfire in the Foothills of Sierra Nevada...1500 acres affected and spreading Goosefire California
IPhoneography Sierra Nevada Foothills
Sonora Desert Petcemetery Landscape Non-urban Scene
Bridge over San Joaquin River California
Movietheatre SanFranciscoBay Castro Valley
Pacific California Dreaming
The Foohills of Sierra Nevada
Vintage in jersey city Blur
Sonora Desert Nature Landscape Mountain
Moma NYC
Mission San Juan Batista California
California Dreaming The Foohills Of Sierra Nevada Swing
Sierra Nevada Kaiser Pass