come on
This excited guy is preparing a performance. She says that what she is proud for is that she can bring laughter to others.@ Humansofzjut
He speaks Chinese well and he looks like Chinese, right? Until last week, I knew he is a foreigner! What a shock!@ Humansofzjut
The bracelet is the birthday present which her boyfriend gave her. She likes her boyfriend very much.@ Humansofzjut
It is the first time for her to have been to the sea. She is very happy!@ Humansofzjut
Garbage collectors still work hard in such a hot day! Give a thumbs up to them. As a volunteer, I give some presents to them.@ Humansofzjut
She is picking the tea-leaves. Health and life are the most important for her.@ Humansofzjut
a flower ring
The old man likes photographing. He has liked it since 10 years ago. And photograph brings him a happy and healthy life.@humansofzjut
This is a boy whose dream is to study in America@humansofzjut First Eyeem Photo