Iqra Baig


Student by day, Adventurer by night.
Getting work done!!
Yum! Waffle House
Again too broke!
Too broke!!
Haha in Berlin , I wish!!
Dinner on the road again!!
Christmas Lights love that I go to university in a small town!!
All work no play
School drains all my energy.
Can you deny such an offer?
Empty buildings are our adventure spots, even the security guards help us take pictures.
Easy and delicious Recipe
Mushroom burger and tea. Oh so good
Keeping a watch even if I never get there.
Free Birthday Smoothie
My Boss is the best.
She said "YES"!!!! Haha grandma is precious!
Silhouette she's precious.
Burnt the cookies, I give in, I can't Bake
Dinner on the road, next best thing to a home cooked meal. McDonald's
On the road again, this time it's the falls.
Somethings you just can't let go, it's been 14 years and I've finally held her hand Grandma
He lets me play with his hair, on 7 hour car rides, best Cousin ever.
Lattes for all Starbucks
Fall is falling and I'm out there catching. Fall Colors
Oodles of noodles, with some pretty ones. Freinds and Food
Saw Saturn and the Moon . What a view, what a world.
Can't get enough of boating!
Bless her for teaching me.
Oatmeal Scones learning to bake with my best gal.
Sometimes we just need to pray it out.
Above em all!!
Somewhere up there
Caramel Brulee Latte
South Korea Flying Best Summer Ever Air Canada Incheon Airport is jjang! I miss Korea! Can't wait to go back!