Alex Hndz


I am a proud father and I love capturing moments as much as possible whether on a job or not.
In the spirit of Mother's Day even though her mother and I are no longer together and especially since I have our daughter most of the time, my current significant other and I decided to give her this photograph.
I am the calm within a storm, the violence surrounding peace, the fearless in face of death, the rebel against the flow, the silence that deafens vibration, I am profound, I am hurt, I am content-I am no one yet someone's I am.
When you Lie. I can hear the shake in your voice, see an expression of blatant uncertainty upon your face, feel a poisonous knot of anguish in my heart, battle against the beginning of a hot temper boiling in my stomach, and sense the freshly sewn stitches tearing across my soul every time you start to lie to me-even though I can touch your heart, regardless of the strength I hold, and in spite of my intelligence the vision of the #truth remains unobtainable and shrouded by the curtains of fear and despair.
My mothers hands. Mothers hands are forever nourishing, they took care of you through the ages and even in adulthood they caress you as if today was the first day you came to life. Now, my mothers hands are in need of some rest and yet she gets up and nourishes her garden for her children are all grown expect for her grandchildren whom remind her of us when we were young. Water Waterhose Mother Garden Hands Mom Love Nourishing Motherslove
Shooting the culprit shooting the sky 😈 Real People Sky And Clouds Photographer Nikon Outdoors Focus On Foreground
Being a kid is feeling loved, appreciated, and safe all while having a blast with those who you care for and never feeling like you don't belong. Nikon Photography Kids Being Kids Fun Water Love Appreciation Daughter Girl Longhair
Aim high. School is just the beginning, then comes life and that is where family comes in. We educate and guide our younger selves and it's up to them to learn through experience but we hope them the best and our daily decisions are for their future. Family AimHIGH Cloud - Sky Sunset Jump Education Life
I see, I hear, I believe, and yet I want to know if you feel the same way. Tree Sky And Clouds Sunset
Progress and Transportation The road to progress is similar to driving. There are those who take risks, make bad decisions, are "safe", are followers, don't know where they are going, fall behind, are prepared, are late, are scared to go fast, are new, and generally we all fall under these situations but in the end we all get there and now it's time to move on to the next destination because success is built on many failures and determination. Nikon Nikonphotography Photography Road Transportation Cloud - Sky Storm Determination Progress Ambitious Failure
The Rebel Cloud. It's hard to be different, you stand apart from a crowd whether the perception is good or misunderstood but, nonetheless, I rebel and not because I want nothing to do with you or the world but to stand for values I want to hold dear together-therefore, I rebel for you.
Mixed Feelings. I usually drop off my lil girl at school like a drive by, but today it felt different for I actually walked her all the way to the door. She hesitated and began to cry when I left her halfway, me wanting to watch her walk-in, so after seeing her run back I walked her to the door and yet she stood by the windows inside happy and sad.l-I have never seen her like that not even on the first day but I will try my best to do this more often. ❤️ Love Mixedfeelings Happyandsad Daughter Daddysgirl
Mothers love No matter what your lifestyle is, what you say, how much you change, how far you stay away, how bad you are, or your latest reason not to converse-a mother's love will always be unconditional and last far beyond an eternity. Mother Motherslove Love Eternity Nomatterwhat Art Is Everywhere
There comes a time when you realize you are not the same person you once was and although no one may believe you have changed, they will know in the end you are a "beast" and are not to be tampered with-in wisdom or strength. Nikon Nikonphotography Photography Sky Clouds Lake Mexico
Everyone I trust Everyone I meet I trust and most people learn to do the same for me rapidly however, when someone breaks my trust, I find it very extremely difficult to build that bridge of trust again because usually it is only I who builds from one end and I receive no help from the other side-so the gap widens. Railroad Trust Bridge
Latino Cultural Center Dallas, TX Dallas Tx Indoors  Art
Waterfountain Austin Texas
City Life Sky And Clouds Morning Light Morning Sky Freeway Scenery
I usually don't selfie but I had to do a mini shoot to see the man behind the camera. Nikon Self Portrait Selfie ✌ Portrait Manbehindthecamera
A day at the lake-very windy. Lake Windy Water Kids
Moments before she left her family's home for the last time as a single lady. She was nervous yet excited to see everyone's expressions on her big day. Wedding Photography Bride Portrait
I was in traffic in the morning like usual but I had my camera so good morning to Dallas. Downtown Dallas Tx Cityscapes Cityscape Morning Light Traffic Jam Freeway Scenery
A simple picture yet it fills me up with so much emotion because it's my daughter having fun at a light show and she runs up to me for a hug. Candid Daughter Fatherhood Moments Love
A morning shot I took when I arrived at a new workplace. Sunrise Sky Clouds Morning Sky First Eyeem Photo