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🎶Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me I know its my destiny Pokemon, oh, you're my best friend In a world we must defend🎶
I'm Inlove With This Puppy! $800 Male Siberian Husky
Caught A Fish Today!
Are My Nails Real Or Fake? Manicure
Future Tattoo? 👍 Or 👎
Wearing @codybrumley93's Hoodie Angelbites ExBoyfriendHoodie
SoAlone Crying
Who's Going To The Gaslight Parade? Angelbites
Join The Dark Side... Angelbites StarWarsQuote NotAStarWarsFan Nerd
Going To The Kingdom With My Cousin :D KentuckyKingdom
Throwback Thursday Of Lil'Old Me 😜 Throwbackthursday  LilOldMe Asiankid Adorable
Having My Usual Day; Staying Home Bored Because I Have No Friends... Angelbites Selfiesunday Bored Nofriends Alone
I Look Like An Asian Doll
Staying Inside From 8PM Til 6AM, Let's See If I Survive! Thepurge
Lol, Somebody Please, Give Me This On My Next Birthday 😂😂😂 Funny FunnyBirthdayCard Birthdaycard Domeafavor
Can You Keep A Secret?
The Tri-Force Angelbites Gamer Zeldafan Triforce
Apparently I Look Like A Ten Year Old Cheerleader When I Put My Hair Up.. Angelbites Cheerleader
Survived The Purge! Purge LouisvillePurge
Ha, Don't Bother Me. Just Taking A Pic At JC Maxx, Thats All. Lol Angelbites Bored Nofilter
This Totally Describes Me.. TooScaredToLove Heartbroken
Senior Quote Of The Year! Seniorquote SeniorQuoteOfTheYear Senior2015
I'm Inlove With This Ring! Zeldafan Engagementring TakayasCustomJewelry
Is It Good On Me Or Not?..👍 😥 👎 Angelbites
How It Should Be On Facebook Facebook Relationshipstatus
My Best Friend and I Since FIRST Grade
Goodmorning World!
Watching Netflix With @its_lauramora and @leo_is_da_bomb_ Movienight Netflix
Homemade Popcorn Made By @its_lauramora
I Wish You Were Laying Next To Me Every Night and Seeing You Every Morning By My Side When I Wake Up ❤ Angelbites IWish LayingNextToMe
And All I Could Do Is Miss You See Your Face On A Photograph But I Can't Kiss You And A Text Or A Call Won't Do Won't You Heal My Heart Of Blue
I Wonder What People Will Say To Me Now.. 😖 Angelbites Sexy Curious
Half Human-Half Demon Angelbites
Getting Ready For The ACT Test
Who's Going To The Fair Today? Kentuckystatefair Statefair
Cleaning My Car Today Angelbites Bikinishot Carwash Nofilter
If Only I Had A Sister, Life Will Be Better.. Onlygirl Angelbites
Thai Chicken Taco and Cucumber Salad TaqueriaTsunami
Selfie Sunday Outside In This Beautiful Day Angelbites Selfiesunday Outdoor Nofilter
I Really Like You But...
Got My Left Side Re-Pierced Today! Angelbites
Happy Father's Day To The Best Dad I Could Ever Have I Will Always Miss and Love You!
Dyed My Hair Today! Angelbites Asianeyes Asiangirl Dyedhair Darkpurple Failed Nofilter
Noodle Salad With Thai Peanut TaqueriaTsunami
Minus Loosing The Other Side Of My Angel Bites, I Had A Really Great Time Hanging Out With @codybrumley93 Today! 😃 Monroe
Hate When This Happens To Me... HateBeingUsed
Senior Picture? 👍Yes or No👎
Angelbites Asianeyes Asiangirl Happy Nofilter
Tattoo Idea?
Taken By The Best Guy Ever, @codybrumley93 😘😍❤ Angelbites Inlove Happy
Keep Calm and Live Strong!
What's Up Zelda Fans?! Zeldafan
Going To The Kingdom Today! KentuckyKingdom
At The Cheesecake Factory With My Friends
Should I Do The Ice Challenge Or Nah?
The Last of Us Angelbites Asianeyes Asiangirl TheLastOfUs
Laying On My Bed Bored, Like Always... Angelbites Asianeyes Asiangirl Laying Bored
Angelbites Happy Nervous Concerttonight
Last First Day Of School Today! Senior2015
Wake Me Up, When September Ends Angelbites Greenday
Realize Don't Lie Real Eyes Don't Lie I Won't Lie To You Baby 💖
Who Wants To Play With My Ocarina? 🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶 Angelbites Zeldafan Ocarina
Lunch For Today At Bellarmine Lunch Bellarmine
My Conscience and I!!
I Think I'm Inlove With You.. 😍😘😳 Nofilter Angelbites Inlove
Is Anybody Dressing Fancy Today? Fancyfriday Angelbites
I'm Sorry, but It's Impossible For Me To "Not" Be Pretty... Angelbites Asianeyes Asiangirl HardToBeUgly Prettygirl Nofilter
You Seem Quite Shy, But You’re Oh So Cute And I’m The Kind Of Girl That Would Love To Be Yours If You Asked Me To So Just Take A Chance, Try To Hold My Hand I Swear I’d Never Let Go Just Let Me Know If You’d Be My Man @codybrumley93 😘😍❤ 08-30-14 Angelbites Inlove Happy Nofilter
🎼🎶I Had A Bad Day, I'm Takin' One Down I Sing A Sad Song Just To Turn It Around🎶 Asianeyes Asiangirl Badday Sad
Can You Stop and Get A Life?.. I Hate When People Do This.. StopBullying BullyingIsWrong
Today Is Going To Be A Great Day and You Know Why? Because- Everyday Is A Great Day
Had Fun Hangin Out With @codybrumley93 Today! Hopefully It'll Be Even Better Tomorrow! Angelbites
Fried Calamari With Tartar and Cocktail Sauce Cheesecakefactory
Farfalle With Chicken and Roasted Garlic Cheesecakefactory
The Stars Lean Down To Kiss You And I Lie Awake and Miss You Pour Me A Heavy Dose Of Atmosphere 'Cause I'll Doze Off Safe and Soundly But I'll Miss Your Arms Around Me I'd Send A Postcard To You, Dear 'Cause I Wish You Were Here Angelbites PostcardToYouDear IWishYouWereHere Inlove
My friend @its_lauramora and I Bestfriend Sillyface
Coconut Cream Pie 😋 Yum Coconutcreampie Frischs Yum
Had Fun Hanging Out With @tylereel96 Today!
My 2012 Chevy Cruze
Cherry Cheesecake With Whip Cream Cheesecakefactory
I Need A Thunder Buddy.. 😖⚡💧 Thunderbuddy
Me and The Adorable Dog I Love!
Somebody Said That Me and Her Look Alike.. Does Anybody Else See It?
Favorite. Halloween. Costume. Ever.🌳🍃🍂🍃🍂🎃 Zeldafan Zelda Link Halloween Costumes Couplecostume
"Kiss Me, Beneath The Milky Twilight Lead Me, Out On The Moonlit Floor Lift Your Open Hand Strike Up The Band and Make The Fireflies Dance Silver Moon's Sparkling So Kiss Me" KissMe
Autumn/Fall Needs To Hurry! Angelbites AutumnHurry Autumn Fall
Fresh Bowl Of Strawberry With Whip Cream! Cheesecakefactory
🎶Somewhere Over The Rainbow Way Up High And The Dreams That You Dreamed Of Once In A Lullaby🎶
HOT+SPICY Tom +Chee Delicious
Some Pictures Of Me When I Dyed My Hair; Blonde, Aquamarine, and Reddish Brown Throwbackthursday  Thelittlemermaid Redridinghood Zelda Nofilter
Can Somebody PLEASE Give Me This Adorable Husky, I'm SO Inlove With Them!! 😍😍😍😍 HuskyLover Adorable Inlove