Ayleen Tijerina


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Guero bought me sunflowers♥♡♥
Drinking on the job :p
"And now I know the truth, that anything can happen!" Ellie Goulding- Anything Could Happen♡
Mexico Game
my bf♥
Mad face.
Back to french Nails ♥
Happy mother's day mami♥
LOVE seeing this every morning! ♥
Love this weather!
Burger begging for mercy.
Coppell Dallas Burgers
Lets get today over with!
Roasting myself in this sauna...
Hisandhers Black Dice Rides signature AllBlackEverything
"Because im happyyyy, come along if u feel like a room without a roof. Come along if you feel like happiness is a truth. Come along if you know what happiness is to you.." *claps hands, flips hair*
Broke a nail pumping gas :/
I finally have a car you guise! :) HersAndHis Audi Hummer AllBlackEverything A6 H3
Apparently im fat... o.O Im BOSS lookin'
Trying everything at the sushi buffet earlier today :p
Layed up in my bed
My boy John hooked it back up :)
Closed the Hummer door completely shut on my thumb last night, everything looks good, now just to go get my nail fixed xD Imabeast Doesntevenhurt
Palace of wax date :)
Lady Gaga
Happy happy
Day off :p
Nails Matte Black Nofilter
I miss my family, but this its my city. Dallas
Sign lol Dallas
The Hyatt
This pigeon tho
My easter sunday♥>> Date with @enriquethabarber Thirdfloor City Dallas Restaurant park IronCactus mexicanbarandgrill
Dos equiz ♥
My weenie is gorgeous! Bathroomselfie Nofilter Beerpongnights
Beer pong :p
I am a fat peanut head lol but love my baby♥
Snapchat lol
Snapchats I get lol
Found my boy Fabo at Hooters! :)
Hooters :)
Snapchat: ayleenislove
My love♥
Another photo bomb lol
Photo bomb
Too happy last night
Nigga gordo lol
Willie tho
Monday Night
Eclipse tonight
Drunk ass dog lol
But first, let me take a selfie
Beer pong on a monday! Turndownforwhat
Fiesta pack tonight!
La virgencita en el negocio de don julio♥ Ps: las mejores fresas con crema en todo dfw
Peach mango ↑↑↑ ☆
I come home and babe gives me this fruit pie from La Madeline♥
Good morning :)
Beer pong buddies xD
Beer pong
Rapping lol HitThatHoe @hoserdabarber
Lol them duck lips
Dexter drinking it up lol