adriana rodriquez


Yay for the trees?
Take me back? somebody go with me soon , please??
Dang we're ugly? love these 3❤
Gramps new whip? First 2015 Corvette in San Diego?
We will never forget?????
Follow my art page please? just trying to get my art work and name out there! Hmu if you want a piece done @theeadrianarodriquez ??
Talk about a memory?
Crazy to think that it's already been a year since you've been gone. You truly were and still are an amazing person with such a kind heart. We all miss you very much. Love you Jay??
Granite vs Valhalla ?
Backyard chillin' w/the youngins ✌? Kasencobbs Blakelaunder
Padre Game w/ my thots✌⚾?
Everybody loves those Friday Night Lights?
Gotta love this game⚾?
I guess it's national dog day? ?
Take me back to my happy place please ?
Fiesta Island with my uglies , if they're happy , I'm happy ??
Finally done with the family tree , took long enough?
I could get used to a seeing a sunset like this everyday ??
Today was bueno?❤
Last minute baseball game with these hoes?
Words cannot describe how proud I am of my little brother. Right now he's at Notre Dame for a football camp showing those coaches and other players what he's made of , showing them how granite hills plays football. You're doing big things with your life and for someone your age , you already know what you want to do 30 years from now and to me , that's amazing! I truly am blessed to be able to call you my younger brother but also my best friend! Love you kid , kick some butt and show them what you're made of. ?
Tbh all we want is Scott McCreery ?
Throwbackthursday  to when we were cute ?
And she's all clean?
Yeah I think I could get used to this ?? Santeelakes Beautifulday
Mini throwback to about 4 hours ago when this ugly jumped in my car before I was about to leave ? and just a random appreciation post because I know she's one of the people i truly trust and I am able to go to for anything♥ Signatureposes Mysister Heylookmary Youactuallyhavecolor inthispicture ?
Favorite Time of the year ?⚾ Sandiegopadres Baseballseason Baseballslife
I usually never do this but i feel the need to share with you all my WCW , today its my beautiful mother? let me tell you a little bit about this amazing woman ... she's strong , independent , beautiful ( both inside and out) , funny , outgoing , overall just a genuine person and shes my rock and one of the main people in my life that keep me going. I'm not sure what I'd do without her ... we rarely buttheads but it happens every once and a while but that's normal ... Overall , I'm blessed to have such an amazing mother , best friend since day 1 ... she will forever be my woman crush ?? ... love you mom?