Hariz Amranizar


Amatuer Photographer. Capturing and experiencing life's beautiful moments. IG : ArisRusso ask.fm : arisonthestereo twitter : HarizAmranizar
Gotta bring back that love for hiking Hikingadventures Serenity Life Travels Relaxing Australia Countryside
Singapore Life Reservoir Serenity
Craving for Asia's Satay anyone? Singapore Food Porn Travels Food
Part of something that I dont know what to called it. ASIA Singapore Home Travels
catching the Sunset at the Beach . People Life
catching the Sunset at siloso Beach. Amazing experience. Life Sea
The hill at punggol waterfront. Relaxing Home ASIA Sg
Sunset with the silhouette. Relaxing Life POTD Silhouette
Finally Home. ASIA Home Travels Ocean
Siem Reap Night Market. I can't believe how bustling it is at night. Travels ASIA Night Market Entertainment
The Malacca Straits Mosque in Malacca ; Malaysia. According to the locals its supposed to be even more majestic when the lights are on at night. Mosque Islam ASIA Travels
A good time to have some saussages for breakfast. Feeling hungry? Foodporn Food ASIA Breakfast
Inside Ang Kor Wat Temple. History Travels Culture Art
Let my photography journey begins... Eos70d Hobby History Art
Immersing yourself with nature is one of the best way to soothe the mind. Eos70d Nature Photography
You do not need to be good at drawing to create an artwork. First Eyeem Photo Wondersoftheworld Eos70d Water Reflections
That coffee lava deserves a wow. Oldtown Whitecoffee Malacca
Need to stopppp!!!!! :/
Coastline Serenity. Credits to @purrthephuckup
Cookie love ~~
That sudden craving of the eating the best pizza you had so far in your current lifetime. :D Throwback Foodporn Food Life
Soon. In sha allah Islam Life Travels Middle East
The beauty of Mother Nature. Nature Travels Australia Life
ballarat animal conservation center Joey Kangaroo Animals Travels
A Joey of a kangaroo. Australia Melbourne Ballarat  Wildlife kangaroo
In the woods. Melbourne Australia Lake Eilden throwback
In the city. I'm loving it :) Australia Melbourne
Loving the view from the helicopter yesterday :) Australia Geelong Melbourne Helicopter
I miss being a kid. Heh...
This will be the core of my life story. Quotes Life Inspirational Me wednesday
Telling myself this everyday :" I'm gonna dance through the fire because I'm a champion and you're gonna hear me roar! " Motivation Throwback Morals  Life . success lifestory
One of the best moments in my life. Throwback
The best pillar of support is family. Throwback Monday Family Memories siblings
Throwback Norway Holidays Memories
Stryn. Can this be considered a Valley? Beautiful place :) Throwback Norway Holidays Europe samsung note2 mountains memories stryn
I wanna live in a life where it's peaceful,simple and quiet. Treasuring and cherishing every moment I get out of it. It would be even better if get to share that life with someone I really care about. One day that life will come. I'm sure of it. I just have to work towards it.
I'm on the edge of glorryyyyy!!! Life Quotes Travels Europe
Winds of change. Norway Mountains Countryside Holidays europe samsung note2
Meet Thomas, a norwegian cymric cat. :) Norway Alesund Holidays Europe samsung note2
Mother nature. I love the ambience of aksla hill. Wednesday Throwback Norway Holidays alesund
Alesund is a beautiful place to stay at. Here is a picture taken at one of the hiking trails at aksla hill. Loving the holidays. Norway Holiday Alesund Note2
This was the highlight of my Amsterdam journey. Moskee (Masjid) E Tayyeba. One of the oldest mosque in Amsterdam. It's beautiful.