Arif Nurhakim


Documentary & Street Photographer.
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"I am ashamed as a woman that girls like Nadia have their bodies sold and used as battlefields. I am ashamed as a human being that we ignore their cries for help," said Amal Clooney when she criticised the UN for failing to prevent the genocide of the Yazidis in Iraq. We have all, at some point in time, come across the plight of the Yazidi people who have been subjected to immense targeting by the ISIS. We either read it on some news outlet or on one of the many social media platforms. But for me, their story couldn’t get any more real than when I had the rare opportunity and privilege to meet a Yazidi family who were lucky enough to escape from their home unscathed and lived on to tell their story. Click here to find out more: Bonding Casual Clothing Day Friend Full Length Iran Leisure Activity Lifestyles Mature Adult Mode Of Transport Person Refugees Relaxing Reportage Reportagespotlight Togetherness Transportation Yazidis Young Adult Young Women
One glance and you might mistake them as future olympians. With the way they stayed focus during the session and the effort they put into their trainings, no one can be faulted if they make that mistake. "Let's do a couple of laps of lunges with weights back and forth, alright guys?" Matthew passed on the instructions to them. But one lap down and that was it. They crashed. They could have been professional atheletes but they are way over their prime years now. All of them are above 30, except for one. Maybe they could have made it that far if they have had a different life. And the 'gym' that they train in? It looks like anything but a gym in reality. No machines, no air conditioning, no mirrors, only dumbbells without a rack. But none of that matters. The possibilities are already limitless with just these fixed weights. To them, they wish their life could also have a fraction of that possibilities too. But they don't. So they keep coming back to this derelict gym, thrice per week, as if to dream of all the possibilities that they could have, in another life. ______________ This is Part 4 of a short series on the simple and yet amazing gym that is being run by my friend, Matthew, in Ritsona camp for the male refugees. This will hopefully inspire people to rethink about what they can actually contribute to the issue. It doesn't take anything fancy or much to make their lives whole and meaningful again. City Crisis Documentary EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Masterclass Human Representation Journey Photo Photojournalism Refugees
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He is the muezzin, the crier who calls the faithful to prayer five times a day. When Borhan takes his position at the corner of the room, in the absence of a minaret, his voice sings deep. Melodious, almost. "God is Great, God is Great." Suddenly, what the world thought as a linear symbol of extremism turns into the most beautiful ballad that bounces off the walls. The people started to stream in slowly and soon, the prayer commenced. I had the privilege of sitting down with Borhan after that for a chat and he was excited to learn that I share the same faith as his. Though the language barrier was real, it did not stop him from conveying his feelings to me. In simple one-worded statements and broken sentences, he tells me of his pain. "Syria." "Last time." "Good." "Now ... -does a plane action with his hands- boom boom boom. No good." "Me. Sad." That leaves a heavy air around us. His strong shoulders suddenly stooped low and his chin fell downwards. Silence took over the words in the space between us and it lingers on for a moment. I wish I had the words to say. Words of comfort. Words of assurance. But it all became elusive in that moment. So I looked down at my camera, back up at him and asked for a portrait instead. A portrait was all that I could muster. To remember his story and his courage. Documentary EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Masterclass Full Length HUMANITY Photojournalism Portrait Refugees Reportage This Week On Eyeem
Veins popping. Head rushing. A simple table with a rubber mat becomes the arena. One by one takes turn to challenge the previous winner. Flawed in the system maybe. How can he stay on for long. Fatigue will eventually eat into him. But it doesn't matter. After you've gotten so used to losing - losing your home, losing your family, losing your self-identity - winning becomes what you seek, even if it is momentarily, as long as you win again. The adrenaline becomes their only escape from their upturned lives. With everything that they have been and still going through, this is far from living. This is surviving. And they are champions at being survivors. ______________ This is Part 3 of a short series on the simple and yet amazing gym that is being run by my friend, Matthew, in Ritsona camp for the male refugees. This will hopefully inspire people to rethink about what they can actually contribute to the issue. It doesn't take anything fancy or much to make their lives whole and meaningful again. In Photo: A simple game of arm wrestling during gym session helped to make the session more fun and appealing to the male residents of the camp. Every change in this world starts with a simple idea. ______________ Documentary EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Masterclass Journalism People Refugees Reportage Syria  This Week On Eyeem
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The atmosphere was heavy. The floors were wet and slippery. We were told that the train station have been closed down for the event and if we want to proceed to the square, please alight at the next stop. I turned around to see if anyone else in the cabin heard the PA system but no one seemed to flinch at this slight inconvenience. The security around the square was very tight. Hundreds of armoured police officers had cordoned off the area. People started to trickle in by the tens but no one was speaking to each other as if it there were no words to describe their pain - the people's pain. The silence in the air was heavy too that day. As Francois Hollande stride in to his seat, everyone's eyes were peeled to the large monitor screen made up of millions of pixels that in turn, looked back on them too. Then came the national anthem over the speakers and for the first time that morning, the silence was broken. The entire square erupted fiercely in tune to La Marseillaise. Tears flowed freely. Emotions surfaced up. And in that few minutes, Paris was united and one again. Street Photography Documentary Photography Reportage Photojournalism Celebration Sky Large Group Of People Outdoors People Women War Adult Adults Only Crowd Day
Greece, the land of Homer. My heart bleeds for you. You have been pushed to the corner and forced to fight with your hands shackled to the ground. But you never gave up. You never gave in. You are the only one on the round table who seems to have any consciousness left. Through all the adversities, you showed everyone what it means to be a human. When the people came for help, you had a choice to close your doors, just like your neighbours did. But you refused to turn your back on them and on humanity. You believe in xenia, a guest-friend relationship, and you practiced it while your neighbours discarded their own values like it never existed. My heart bleeds for you. You have your own struggles but you still share aplenty. And now winter is nearing. The gates are slowly reopening again. But the world seems to have forgotten you. You are now afraid of what is to come because you don't know if humanity and hospitality can be stretched thin and still holds itself under the weight of those who arrives onto your shore. But I pray for you. I pray for your people to stay strong. I pray that your people will find it within themselves to let humanity prevail over their own fears. I pray for your consciousness to stay true. Crisis Documentary EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Masterclass Greece Human Journalism Photojournalism Refugees This Week On Eyeem