Arielle Brozik


Fun with my grrrls!! (And my guys even though they're not in the picture....they're the ones taking it!! )
Adeline ;)
Post flu shot ice cream. It's been a heck of a week with 80 being down and out from this knee surgery. I am wiped- but these little angel faces were too cute not to share!! <3
Feeling a little old and a little sad today-80 started freshman year. Time has escaped me-doesn't seem all that long ago that I was tying up his shoes and writing napkin notes. So proud of this child- his high school is lucky to have him! <3
Sweet Adeline Jean
Addie looks like daddy <3
messy morning hair <3
Evelynn <3
a few moments alone with Everdeen before the tank wakes up <3
I love how the girls say "da da" as soon as they get their hands on the remote!! Guess who governs the tv the majority of the time in our house???? :)
Yay for new toys!!!! They will be entertained for about five minutes!!!! ;)
Double A!
Addie my love <3
My sweet Valentines!!! <3
What a night and morning for my furnace to break!!!! Grrrrls are bundled up...... Brrrrrzzzzies!!! ;(
Sweet girls in the morning <3
Grammy's Are Some Of God's Greatest Work!!!<3