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Las Vegas born and raised and still here Lived two years in Spain Photographer Victoria's Secret Merch Flow associate Never worn makeup before
Asked my sister if I could take some photos of her scars, it's something she's very sensitive about but she said she'd like to do it. Qapture Studios People Las Vegas Black And White Photography Family Scars
Will only be posting a few more photos until I delete this app in one week! Anyway, got a new phone and decided to take a picture just for an excuse to play with the camera. And also because my love asked me to send him a photo lol Hanging Out Taking Photos That's Me Ginger Las Vegas Ari Yamagishi People Qapture Studios Random
That Moroccan sunset kinda color. Also! Although I've been posting new photos, I believe I will be deleting this app by the end of next week. Check below to find my instagram if you'd like to keep following me there!Me TTaking Photos People Ari Yamagishi Las Vegas Ginger Red Hair
Wanted to try doing some shots that focused on collar bones. Camera timer is my best friend lol. That's Me Las Vegas Ari Yamagishi Qapture Studios People Boudoir Photography Black And White Collar Bones
For anyone in the Las Vegas area, I will be hosting a class on DoTerraessentialoils tomorrow at my home and my good friend and DoTerra advocate Janelle Ross will be teaching it. You'll learn all about the history of Essentialoils, how to use them, how to benefit from them, and even be able to test a few of the oils while snacking on some baked goods, made by yours truly. For more information feel free to contact me! We'd love to have you!
Ari Yamagishi People Random
Ms. Nesa killing this shoot! Taking Photos Las Vegas People Qapture Studios Ari Yamagishi Photography Boudoir
When my heart asks me to send him a picture, it doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, I stop and take a photo for him. Well for the most part.. Lol Taking Photos That's Me Hanging Out Las Vegas Random People Ginger
Would absolutely love to do an engagement shoot here! I love this park Taking Photos Relaxing Enjoying Life Ari Yamagishi Photography Qapture Studios Random Black And White Las Vegas Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
Another shot from my shoot with Miss Anaisa Bates! One of my favorite shoots! Taking Photos Check This Out Nikonphotography Photography Qapture Studios Ari Yamagishi People Portrait Makeup
Trying to learn how to use this new editor I got. I only do lighting adjustments and I've never once used photoshop so learning any kind of editor is always a challenge. Taking Photos That's Me Portrait People Ari Yamagishi Qapture Studios Photography Palm Springs CA. Nikonphotography
I finally gained some weight! I can't explain to you how incredibly hard it is for me to gain weight and how annoying it is for people to constantly get on me about how thin I am. It's just my genetics. My mom is very thin and always has been and I have a very fast metabolism. I used to weigh 97lbs, I somehow dropped down to 87lbs and have been struggling to gain weight for the last three years. But finally I've started to gain some, now just to tone it. Taking Photos That's Me Photography Boudoir Qapture Studios Ari Yamagishi People Random Portrait
"You look so wonderful in that dress I love your hair like that The way it falls on the side of your neck Down your shoulders and back" Taking Photos That's Me People Las Vegas Ari Yamagishi Boudoir Photography Qapture Studios Black And White Ed Sheeran
To my big brother Rassan, we love you more than words could possibly explain. We miss you with every ounce of our souls, but are calm because we know you are at peace in a much better place. We carry you with us wherever we go and you are always in our thoughts. I wish you the most amazing birthday. We hope you are proudly looking over us Rassan. Ari Yamagishi People Las Vegas Family Rip "Maybe you were needed up there But we're still unaware as why "
Loved this shoot! So happy to work with Nesa again! Taking Photos Qapture Studios Photography Ari Yamagishi Portrait Las Vegas People Makeup
Nesa was amazing in this shoot! Taking Photos People Las Vegas Portrait Ari Yamagishi Photography Qapture Studios
Le Parker Meridien in Palm Springs, CA. Relaxing Taking Photos Enjoying Life Qapture Studios Ari Yamagishi Palm Springs CA. Starting A Trip
Palm Springs at mid day. Relaxing Taking Photos That's Me Ari Yamagishi Qapture Studios Photography Palm Springs CA.
A weekend in Palm Springs for my best friends one year wedding anniversary! Her and her husband rented out the same house they got married in at Le Parker Meridien and invited all their friends that had attended the wedding. It was a blast and I'm so unbelievably happy for those two! I love them to death! Relaxing Taking Photos Ari Yamagishi Black And White Qapture Studios Palm Springs CA.
Finally bought myself a copy of this book of poetry. So many more I wanted but I could only pick one. Relaxing Taking Photos Books Poetry
I got to babysit little baby Ellie last week for our good friends Jon and Joree. She's a month old and it was their first time leaving her to someone else and I'm so grateful they let me be the one to do it! Taking Photos Black And White Qapture Studios Ari Yamagishi NewBorn Photography
It's perfect weather here in Vegas right now, but after having barely any sleep and so much on my mind, I desperately need this. Relaxing Random Ed Sheeran
Can't remember when I took this. But I guess that doesn't matter all that much. That's Me Photography People Boudoir Ari Yamagishi Qapture Studios Black And White
To be honest, my life is horrible right now. Nothing has been going right and I think the only good thing to happen to me this last month is the Ed Sheeran concert with my best friend and brother. Everything is horrible right now. And I've been breaking down almost everyday... People Taking Photos Photography
I have a beautiful best friend, inside and out, who drinks her wine super fancy. What you didn't see is her drinking that wine with a straw. Taking Photos Hanging Out Starting A Trip Hollywood Bowl Los Ángeles Family People
The unbelievably talented Ed Sheeran at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles yesterday. He did not disappoint! How can one man have so much talent? Hollywood Bowl Ed Sheeran Taking Photos Starting A Trip Hanging Out
Drove out to see Ed Sheeran at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles with my best friend, my brother, and his best friend. The greatest people to experience the amazing Ed Sheeran with. The concert was breath taking. Hanging Out Taking Photos People Random Family Starting A Trip Los Ángeles Ed Sheeran Hollywood Bowl
The Moment - 2015 EyeEm Awards My brother with his son at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
Got bored and took some photos. Taking Photos That's Me Boudoir Photography Qapture Studios Ari Yamagishi Random People
Just me Taking Photos That's Me People Random Ari Yamagishi Qapture Studios Photography Black And White Boudoir
Just a random photo while driving around. It seems like driving is all I do now. So tired 😩 Random People Four Eyes
I love these two! The most amazing wedding and the most amazing couple! Thank you for letting me be part of your big day! Congrats Dave and Janelle! Qapture Studios Ari Yamagishi Las Vegas Weddings Wedding Shoot People Photography Downtown Las Vegas
Brother sister gig for our amazing friends Dave and Janelle! Wedding Shoot Weddings Ari Yamagishi Las Vegas Qapture Studios DjCasanova Dj
My brother with his little mini me. We had a family day at the park and it was amazing Photography Qapture Studios Ari Yamagishi People Family Nevada State Parks Las Vegas
Took another shot at some boudoir photos. Ari Yamagishi People Black And White Photography Qapture Studios Boudoir
I'm a four eyes. Ari Yamagishi Black And White People Random Four Eyes
Shot number 2 of my brother and his best friend Dapper Las Vegas Family Qapture Studios People Photography Ari Yamagishi Black And White
Took my brother and his best friend out to do a quick 30 minute shoot before my brother had to leave to work. Ari Yamagishi Photography People Qapture Studios Family Las Vegas Dapper
Shot number 2 from the other day People Qapture Studios Random Ari Yamagishi Photography Black And White
I've been saying that I want to make a studio space in my house for me to do some photos there and just be able to do some shots in my downtime. But living with my family (3 other people plus my nephew half the week) I feel bad asking to take up that space. So right now I use a small corner by the front door to take test shots of myself every now and then. People Random Ari Yamagishi Qapture Studios Photography Black And White
I finally bought some new clothes... But I still get frustrated when 90% of the clothes I like are actually made two sizes bigger. I tried on a pair of shorts at Express that were a 00 and they actually fit someone that was a size 3. I can never find clothes to wear and I get so frustrated when I shop, especially since I love fashion. I know I need to gain weight. I'm not this thin by choice, it's genetics, but sizes shouldn't be made twice the size of what they say they are. Ari Yamagishi People Random Ranting
My love wasn't feeling well today so I sent this to help him smile a bit. Ari Yamagishi People Random Love
Last photo of the day I swear. I'm just bored at home. My love has an exhibition battle tonight but I can't go so I'm sitting here all bummed out that I won't get to see him dance. And I'm just killing time until he tells me how it went. Ari Yamagishi People Random
My brother teaching his son to fly a kite. Photography People Qapture Studios Ari Yamagishi Family Las Vegas
So I'm testing out boudoir style photos on myself to get an idea of how to pose people. And working at Victoria's Secret kind of helps in finding lingerie and gives a bit of inspiration. However they're not coming out all that great since my room is small and I don't really have enough room to do these types of things. Ari Yamagishi Qapture Studios People Photography Boudoir
Took my nephew to the park to show him how to fly a kite. He's amazing People Ari Yamagishi Photography Qapture Studios Family Las Vegas
I'm posting this photo to make myself remember that I don't care what anyone else thinks of my body. It's as long as I am comfortable in my own skin and that I feel sexy, not for anyone else but me. Most people know that I've never worn makeup and I'm very proud of that, now I'm just learning to fully be confident in my body and occasionally feel a little sexy. My brother says that I have the body of a ballerina which I thought was a nice compliment because I think they have beautiful bodies.BodthI TAri Yamagishi Qapture Studios Photography People
This photo is hiding it but my hair is getting closer and closer to a golden color. I've been putting lemon juice in my hair and sitting out in the sun to bring out all the gold that my hair has. But currently I'm a bit of a red head. People Ari Yamagishi Random
My brother and his son. They're definitely a crazy pair. Las Vegas Photography Random Qapture Studios Ari Yamagishi People Family
My last two shoots have been at this abandoned motel and it's been super fun! But we keep losing our sunlight so we're gonna need a round 3. Ari Yamagishi Random Qapture Studios Photography Las Vegas Downtown Las Vegas