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I live in Wellington New Zealand, the coolest little capital in the world. When I'm not snapping with my iPhone I'm apping that snap.
Blue Dandy NEM Submissions
Walkin the Deck NEM Painterly Slow Shutter AMPt_community Wellington
Hidden AMPt_community Flower
Moon Flag Tinyplanet
Island Bay Sky Wellington  New Zealand NEM Painterly AMPt_community
Wild Grass Track NEM Submissions New Zealand NEM Landscapes
Rangitoto Reflection AMPt_community Auckland New Zealand NEM Submissions
Green ball AMPt_community NEM Submissions Tiny Planets
Leaf universe NEM Submissions AMPt_community Leaf
Blue Spoon AMPt_community NEM Submissions Tiny Planets
Rooster Standoff NEM Submissions AMPt_community Slow Shutter
Lemon AMPt_community NEM Submissions Abstract Tiny Planets
Forlorn AMPt_community NEM Submissions Portraits
Ward Island, Wellington harbour. New Zealand AMPt_community Sunset
Plastic Egg Chickens NEM Submissions AMPt_community New Zealand
Fishcloud Grassdune NEM Submissions AMPt_community New Zealand
painted dandelion NEM Painterly NEM Submissions Dandelion
Daisy in a Bottle NEM Painterly NEM Submissions Flower
Slow Shutter Daisy NEM Submissions NEM Painterly Slow Shutter
White Door NEM Submissions AMPt_community Tiny Planets Abstract
Finished Art Appreciating NEM Submissions AMPt_community NEM Painterly
Sitting Art Appreciator Art Appreciators AMPt_community NEM Submissions
Shoulder Pads are so in right now....... AMPt_community NEM Painterly Art Appreciators
Cat in a sink Cat
Orange Jaffa NEM Submissions Abstract Tiny Planets
Red Fern. Abstract NEM Submissions
Open. Jam Jar
Turning Hay in Hawera. NEM Landscapes Landscape New Zealand
Closed. Portrait NEM Submissions
Te Rewa Rewa bridge detail. NEM Architecture Abstract NEM Submissions
Mic Light NEM Derelict NEM AMPt_community
The Blue Pill Abstract
Vase of Flowers Flower
Hat Stand Hats
After the Rain Flower
Te Rewa Rewa bridge at dusk, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand NEM Landscapes Landscape Bridge New Zealand