Anu Kurien


16... indian.... barca😍❤ music😚😘
Peõpłe wiłł $tärê..Mãķe iť wørth Thēiŕ whilê😏😏😏😏😏 Hãteŕ§Gønnàhåte Blacklipstick LuvIt Hairs👧👧👧 Awsum_weather Saturdayfun Retricalove Black♡♡♡ Dats IT
Classy is ţhĕ øriģinãł błaçk❤❤❤
Thï$ whåt ałł I dø in HÏSTØRY Łeçťure$ 😜😜😊😉😚😎😆 Força BARÇA LEØ ME$$I 💖💖💝💘💗 Tpclick $ Moodoftheday Luvyahaters😈😇
Tat øne per$øn in ůr life U cån gět mađ at før a $hørţ peřiød$ øf time, bçz u håv impørtânt stuff tø tełł thém N tats hęr @roselin.cr7😍😙💖 We're not sarcastic - we're hilarious We're not annoying - we're just cooler than u We're not mean - we just don't like u We're not obsessed - we're just BEST FRIENDS She been with in all my ups n downs
Deår Håter$, I cøułdn't hełp bűt nøtiçe thãt "awsoME" Enđ$ with "ME" & "Ugły" starts with "U"😏 New haters are always welcømed in my kingđom cz previous one$ became my lover$😍😍 Saturdaynight ❤❤ Nerdyeffects Outings  Bsydayout @mulund Picoftheday LatenightSHOPPINGS CreatePrint RETRICA😉😉 Like4like Follow4follow Instalike Instaluv Instaedit Instamood
Hatë me??? Gø sìt with re§t øf the HATER§ Waìtinğ før me tø cåre... Picoftheday Tuesday§ Black❤❤❤ Pout Retricalove Instagood Instadaily Instalike Instamood Hairs😘😘 Muah  💋💋💋 haters
Håter$ dønt reałły hate u Thêy just HATE themselves cz u r a refelectiøn of wat they wish tø be Be proud of urself✌✌ Highbun 💖💖💋
Børed giving examss📚📚 😧😧😧😧
Hãppy Inđepeñđence Day Afterschoolselfies Had loads of fun with @roselin.cr7 fooling around on road specially d madness of aditi n ruchita😂😂
Fun wid cousins at home Stupid jokes by mr. Zero figure 😂😂 Some video's tat none of us will ever forget Fights wid them But still luv u all loads😘 @crazyryan_5171725
Thë łess u give a đamm thē hãppiêr wiłł u bê✌💋
At MT with paresh sir Afterclassesselfie Traditionalday2015inMT
Traditionalday2015inMT Awsumfun MadnessonSUNDAYS Lovedisdayalot 😘😍
Døn't judge me untiłł u knøw me, Døt underestimate me untill u Çhallenge me & døn't talk abt me untiłł u've talked to me😉😒😞😏😏😚 Nomakeupselfie Beurself Goodvibes ✌
Sømetimes just an eye contact speaks more than wat ur mouth wants to say Sleepy💛
I løve everybødy 💖💖 $øme I love to be around 😶 $ome i lovê tø AVØID✋✋ $ome i would lovë to PŮNCH øn FÃCE 👊👊 It depends on Ur attitude towards me tat in which category i put you in😚😘
Dønt let thê BUŁŁSHIT of todae cønvinçe u that aren't BEAUTIFUL😉😚👧✌
U all laugh at me becz i'm different I laught at u becz u all r d same
|| Take a chance cz u never høw përfect somethïng çan tuřn øut tø be||♡♡♡♡^_^
There will alwys be ppl telling ~ U can't!! Løøk at them in their eyes and say ~ Watch me u bloody ass!!
Bitches n haters all i wanna say u'll is ~ stop being jealous n peace✌✌😘
Buenos Días!!!!!💐💐 Messymornings Nomakeuplook
Sømetime§ the ppł whøm we've knøwn onły foř a SHØRT ãmøunţ of tïmê håvè a BIĞĞER Impâcţ øn u§ thån thøse we'vë knønw forever
In the end, all drift away Even d ones who promised to stay
Buddiesforlife💖💞 Mains Childhoodfriends Lovee 'mAlot😚 Wid miss upam(atii)😂😂 & maddest brothers ever @crazyryan_5171725 Culturaldayfunction
😇Destiñy i§ nøt wriţţen we håv tø makë iţ ..........Sø keep writing cz number of boøkś never matters📚😂😂
To ałł my FAKE FRIENDS ~ Ju§t becz ï smìle añđ ñođ ít đosen't meãn ì bëliève the BUŁŁSHIT cøminğ oůt øf ţat nasty mouth øf your§ Gotohellbitchessss😏 Findingmyselftoweirdtodae😎 Highonweirdness😈😘
You never know when a particular person and their few sincere n inspiring words can hav a great impact on you..... Miss ESME you indeed hav a lot of importance in my life as a teacher, mother,guide,role model,philosopher n much more ... LOVE YOU LOADS MISS!!!^_^
God made us "BEST FRIENDS" cz he knew our mom couldn't handle us as sisters👭👭 Love her to d moon n back😍😘
Døn't play hard to gët, Be sømeonē hãrd to forğet..👿
All wet in d rains😍😘💖 Rains Afterpprfun Songs Walkingbarefootonroads Atmosphere😍👄 FeelingLoved😇
Bitchy?? Yeah, i might be slightly but its only becz i don't know to say "F*CK OFF" in a sweet way Peace✌ Orangenblackattack Madness Pout👄👄👄 BeingReal Retrica Mirroreffects😘
I cañ't make yøu love me,want me or unđerstand me.... Ałł i can dø is HOPE that someday you will...😔
I dønt sůffer fřm insanity, I enjøy every momënt of ït...😉😈 Midnightmaddness
Time to photoshop my LIFE... Touch up d edges, Adjust d tones.. Blur out d background,focus on me..& CROP some shitty ppl OUT!!
UNFORTUNATELY, we believe d liars, Trust d BACKSTABBERS, And LOVE d heartbreakers! Midnightmaddness Music🎧🎵 Skrillexanddiplo Onedirection TheWanted AdamLevin 😚.......
《I turn the music louder so i wont hear my thoughts but its stupid bcz the lyrics remind me of wat im trying to forget....》
Dont let 'em say you aint beautiful,they can all get fucked,just stay true to u. Maroonlips💋 Wavyhairdontcarebutloveit💖
Trick or treat.... Halloweenmakeup 🎃Blacklove👄
I Love it when ppl show their attitude to me..becz it shows tat they need a attitude to impress me!!..*_* Sunkissed Purple 💜Afternoon_maddness
Atlast turned 15 today!!!!
The countdown begins...
Sundaymorningscenes Festivalmodeon Whitenblack Indianlooks Instaddict Instagood Instalike
At times we get to comfortable n we ask our demons to to pull up a chair; when we should be pulling it away before they get a chance to sit down😔
Evrybody hatin we just call them fans though! 😉
People with high attitude n ego deserve a standing ovation of my TALLEST FINGER 😚😘
I really hate two faced people. I makes it HARDER for me to decide which side to SLAP first!! Feelingblah ! Blue💙 Throwbackfriday Sportsday2015 Lastyearofschool😭😭 Gonnamissallthismoment
How often do u find a person tat admires ur little weird acts,puts up with all ur shit,and still can say they love u at the end of the day? Studymodeactive😧 WonderingMind Dyingforvacation😎🌴😭😭 Dontknowwattodoanymore Hopelessmoments Erhh !!